Saturday, March 19, 2011

The LuLac Edition #1513, March 19th, 2011



This week one of the great American sports obsessions begin. The NCAA Basketball Final Four. I talked to a good friend who has been playing for ages.
Q: So how are you doing so far?
A: Not bad. I did pick Morehead over Louisville.
Q: Shut up.
A: Yeah, that’s my secret, I pick the three obvious teams, sometimes two and then I pick one from outside the realm if you will.
Q: Have to ever picked a Champion?
A: Oh yeah, a few times, I picked Villanova in ’85, Duke last year. A few in between.
Q: Who do you turn your bracket into?
A: A guy at work who gives them out after “Selection Sunday”.
Q: How much time do you spend on filling out the final form?
A: I do it a little at a time. But if you put the time together it’s about 3 hours. And that is from the time I start to finalize. Sometimes I make changes.
Q: Have you won some money?
A: Yeah, I’ve always turned out ahead but that’s because I’ve picked a few winners, played the game in high school and college and watch it religiously.
Q: So you one of those guys that watch the games on ESPN a few days after Thanksgiving?
A: Oh yeah. Don’t tell me you don’t watch exhibition games for baseball.
Q: I don’t. But I’m not betting on the World Series.
A: Yep, I get ya.
Q: How much work time do you think you’ve taken up filling out your bracket?
A: I do it at home. My time at work is spent trying to school the secretaries, the aides, the drivers, the guys like you who might tend to ask my questions.
Q: So you hate the amateurs, huh?
A: No, they raise the pot.
Q: Ever give them a bum steer?
A: No I try to set them straight. You don’t know how many people I had to talk out of picking Penn State this week!
Q: Old habits die hard. But Penn State almost made you look bad.
A: Yeah. Whew.
Q: Best of luck.
A: Thanks. When do you watch?
Q: The final weekend.
A: Front runner.
Q: I can’t be a front runner if I have no idea how they got there!
A: Okay, fair enough.
Q: Is March Madness more important to you than the Super Bowl?
A: It is. I actually plan vacation days around it.
Q: Enjoy.
A: Thanks man.


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