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The LuLac Edition #1835, November 14th, 2011

Governor Tom Corbett.

Luzerne County Commissioners Steve Urban and Mary Anne Petrilla. (Photo Pittston


Pennsylvania’s Governor Om Corbett made the Sunday morning talk show circuit on the networks yesterday. Perhaps Corbett’s toughest line of questioning came from Fox News’ Chris Wallace. Wallace peppered him with specific questions about how it the scandal could happen and what the Governor’s role was as a trustee. Corbett admitted that since taking office, he sent a stand in to represent him on the board. Two takeaways from his appearances highlighted the coverage. Corbett said that he felt more victims may come forward to make this scandal bigger than thought and that Mike McQueary will be utilized as a witness in the proceedings and not be charged. Speculation has abounded that McQueary be given whistle blower status. All in all Corbett’s appearances went well and he represented his brand well.


The Hotel Sterling will come down very soon. Its fate is being sealed by the almighty buck. The Luzerne County Commissioners today they plan to vote Thursday to use $1 million in county community development funding to raze the landmark that was a fixture in downtown Wilkes-Barre,
The Times Leader reports that Wilkes-Barre city officials have agreed to provide about $260,000 earmarked from gaming funds for the project, pending state approval. That funding was allocated for restoration of the building and would have to be reprogrammed for Meanwhile, Commissioner Chair Mary Anne Petrilla wants to get this done as quickly as possible. Fellow Democrat Steve Urban has asked why the rush and has indicated that he favors the decision to be put on hold until the new County Council, of which he will be a member takes office in January. Petrilla said the upcoming harsh weather will further damage the property while Urban countered that general fund money could not be used in this instance. Well the argument will be moot because CityVest is broke and has no assets. The protesters asking for restoration have to realize that a renovation project will cost millions. No private developers have come forward nor do they seem to be on the horizon. So with Commissioner Tom Cooney most likely going along with this decision, the death sentence of the Hotel Sterling will be made official this Thursday at 1PM under the dome at the Courthouse.


Another dig at the Paterno legacy. The Big Ten Announced that Joe Paterno’s name will be taken off the Stagg-Paterno Championship Big Ten Trophy to be awarded on December 3rd. The trophy had the name of Alonzo Stagg and Mr. Paterno but officials felt that with the current controversy Paterno’s name should be taken off the award.


FBI agents are searching the office of Lackawanna County Court administrator Ron Mackay at the courthouse. Mackay has been sequestered by agents and prevented from entering his office. You can bet the agents weren't bringing in a Pumpkin Pie from Brunetti's.


At 5:33 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The more I read and the more removed from the intitial shock of the penn state story, i now tend to agree with the dismissal of JoePa. I am more than anything saddened for the victims and saddened that the high standards Paterno set were not realized by him; himself. Paterno's legacy was never going to be the wins, or the years he coached, it was going to be the academic results and the young men he produced. Now, he will always be remembered because at the very least he didn't do enough and at the very worst he participated in a cover up of the worst crimes imaginable.

McQuery is a coward; plain and simple.

And finally that eyesore at the corner of market and river will be gone.

At 8:22 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What IF Sandusky is found NOT guilty?

At 11:38 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

We must pass Laws to make people do whats right? Good Luck!
This thing started off obscene and its only gotten, and is getting, worser and worser.
The importance of sports and sports figures must be looked at at all school levels. I played Sports and I am a Fan, but it has become too important in all aspects including Financial!
Nobody is going to miss the NBA this year except the gamblers.
It aint essential. An Education is essential!. Where is the Honor in college and Pro Sports? We thought there was some at Penn State. We came to expect it. Every citizen of Pennsylvania, fan or not, was proud of Penn State for operating a dignified/clean program.

Pete Cassidy

At 12:40 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let CityVest pay for the tear down, why should the city pay for a parking lot.

At 2:34 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "The LuLac Edition #1835, November 14th, 2011":

I think Petrilla is being her usual self by spending money before all the facts are in and Cooney is being his usual self by again going along and not using his aility (if he has any) to make his own decisions. PennVest had 6 million dollars and that needs to be fully investigated. If there was wrong doing then there is most likely bond money available so we should not spend one more tax dollar on that project. Every time I think Petrilla can't do any more damge, she come up with another terrible idea. What's the difference if more damage i done to that building? It is marked for removal anyway. Let the new government deal with it and give the investigation time to resolve any wrong doing. (edited)


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