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The LuLac Edition #2297, December 16th, 2012

Your survey, Your Say


As we near the end of another calendar year for LuLac, I am seeking input on how we work next year. The success of LuLac depends on feedback from our readers. If no one is reading, then there is no point to doing this. This survey is intended on taking the pulse of this site and seeing what we can do better. So I have presented a few survey questions that readers, posters and others can vote on. Whatever the results, providence willing, we’ll be here every day commenting on politics and pop culture. 
Hit CONTINUE after question 10 and then DONE and it will take you out of the survey and LuLac. One vote per internet browser.  
We’ll post the results in early January. 
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At 9:05 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

My President spoke tonight. I am glad I voted for him and I will support him. Let this be a beginning and a legacy.
I was once a soldier. I know firsthand what these weapons can do
and the time is long overdue to act.

An American

At 2:13 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

A timely problem.

I have a question, a comment. I know an individual who is socially withdrawn to extreme. He lives alone. I dont believe he has friends to speak of. In my experience he has been totally self absorbed. He thinks life dealt him an unfair hand. If you try to point out that others are far worse off he becomes angry.
He is depressed, gets no joy from life and is impossible to be around. He is angry. I tried to be friendly, but had to give up. It wasnt worth the effort and my efforts were rejected. He is intelligent, educated and not a kid. He owns many guns. I believe he has experimented with drugs, from conversation. I severed all relations some time ago. He worried me too much. If I were to see on the news that he did something crazy, I would not be surprised. I am concerned, but what can I do? I know you are not Dear Abby, but I was wondering what answers or advice I might get. I do not want to cause trouble or interfere with his life. Its a tough situation. Some action might prevent a tragedy and yet what action? Any thoughts?

At 1:40 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am not suggesting that there should be no gun controls but it bothers me that it is only important after a horrible incident. It happens every time without fail. un control will never prevent these things from happening, we cannot control mental types and we cannot keep guns out of the hands of criminals. Only law abiding citizens are affected by gun control. That having been said, I have to say that I see no reason for public access to armor piercing bullets, fully automatic weapons, semi clips that hold more than 8 rounds. Assault weapons can do no more harm than any other rifles an in fact, there are much more dangerous hunting rifles. These things seem to take pace most often at close range situations so any revolver or semi pistol would do the same harm. I am a gun owner and I own all kinds of guns from a 22 mag to a 44 mag and several in between. I have a license to carry and I enjoy the sport of shooting. I am not a hunter, cannot kill an animal but I do not try to stop those who do hunt and yes, I understand the need to keep the herd down for their own survival. But please let's not overreact by thinking we can control nuts and bad guys. We can only make owning a gun more difficult for the good guys. I realize this is not a popular position right now but I don't allow these terrible incidents to change my thinking. Let's keep in mind that the guns used in that school were legal, purchased by the shooter's mother and he was taught how to shoot by his mother and she knew that he was having mental problems so when this kind of a situation is allowed to exist, what good would gun control do? I lay this at the feet of his mother who should have known better and taken precautions that would have kept him from having such easy access to them. If he didn't have that assault rifle but rather a legal shot gun or just the revolvers, he could have done just as much harm. I also want to mention that I am not a member of the NRA, never have been and never will be. Their agenda is blind and unbending and politically too far right for my thinking. Common sense should and must prevail. Gun sales without background checks is absolutely STUPID !!!!!

At 6:30 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

2:13 I know what you are talking about. I know of a similiar situation except it is a young man in my neighborhood. I'm afraid there is really nothing you or I can do. In my case his parents would not react in a positive manner based on past neighborhood disputes. There is trouble down the road here with or without weapons.


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