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The LuLac Edition #2428, May 22nd, 2013


SCRANTON SCHOOL BOARD: Out of ten candidates running, Mark McAndrew, Doug Miller, Cy Douaihy, Carol Oleski, Todd Hartman, Robert Casey, Kevin J. Manley, Bob Lesh, Robert Sheridan, James J. Timlin (not the Bishop emeritus) Tom Schuster and Tom Borthwick, the following won a Democratic nomination. Robert Casey, Cy Douaihy, Bob Sheridan and Mark McAndrew,.  Incumbent Bob Lesh lost on the Democratic side but secured a GOP nomination as did Carol Oleski. Bob Sheridan and Cy Douaihy won dual nominations. for the fall contest. 
STUDY COMMISSION: The Fix It Ticket garnered six of the seven spots. The ticket was led by insurance Executive Chuck Volpe. Mary Jo Sheridan, Robert Weber, Chuck Volpe, Marilyn Ruane, and Chuck Gianetta were the victors. Marne O’Dea palmer did not win. Voters rejected Commissioners Jim Wansacz and Corey O'Brien suggestion that the row offices be eliminated. 
WILKES BARRE AREA SCHOOL BOARD: As expected Joe Caffrey did very well in his bid for the School Board. He and Denise Thomas secured dual nominations along with Christine Katsock.   Kathy Gtinaway got a GOP nomination and will face off against Ned Evans another former School District employee in the fall. This race proves that the Wilkes Barre Area School District political machine still has some juice and will have a tendency to take care of their own. 
PITTSTON DISTRICT JUSTICE RACE: Alexandra Kokura won the Democratic nomination besting former Row Officer Red O'Brien by just a handful of votes. Attorney Gerry Mecadon who finished third in the Democratic primary won a GOP nomination. This will insure a face off for the General Election. 
PITTSTON MAYOR: Jason Klush wins another term beating bar owner Gene Rooney. 
LUZERNE COUNTY COUNCIL: On the Democratic side, Eileen Sorokus was the top vote getter. On the GOP side, newcomer Alex Milanes almost beat long time veteran Paul DeFabo. The results might change when the final count comes in. Milanes dispelled any notion that he can't win a GOP primary nearly beating a well respected long time party favorite. 


Our good friend, the advertising and media consultant from Florida Bob Harper was two for two in his races Tuesday night. Harper did the ads for Scranton's Mayoral victor Bill Courtright producing a TV spot featuring Courtrighht and Liz Randol on cereal boxes. He also ran deputy Sheriff Mark McAndrews win in that race. Harper touted McAndrews as a "can do" type of guy. 

Our 1963 logo. 

Mercury 7 Astronaut Gordon Cooper. (Photo: www.


Fifty years ago last week, a very significant development happened in the manned space program that was dubbed Mercury. Gordon Cooper one of the original 7 Astronauts orbited the earth a whopping 22 times. That was a big deal for an American space program that at the time was behind the USSR in space travel. Those 22 orbits eclipsed the earlier Mercury orbits of John Glenn, Scott Carpenter and Wally Schirra. Cooper was the first American to sleep in space during that 34-hour mission. His was the last manned single person space flight as Mercury gave way to the Gemini program. Cooper was immortalized in the movie “The Right Stuff” when at the end his flight was chronicled as the test pilot that flew the longest, the highest and the furthest. And fifty years ago when Gordon Cooper was flaying on top of the world at a furious pace, the number one song in America and LuLac land was by Jimmy Soul. 


At 7:53 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Apologies to Tom Wolfe author of The Right Stuff which was made into an excellent movie. Its easy to make small mistakes once in a while and at least this one was good for a laugh. I think the Best Stuff was a reefer movie!


At 6:57 AM, Anonymous Professor Milburn Cleaver, OPA said...

Good morning Students,
As we embark upon a holiday weekend, I caution all of you to restrain yourselves from your normal unruly, animalistic behavior. And please, If you must indulge in narcotics or alcohol, do NOT drive!!! The life you save may be mine.
You would do equally well to recall the meaning of this weekend….Memorializing all of our gallant military men who have fallen in the name of liberty. As you pig out on your greasy foods and swig down your beers, etc. remember that there was a time in this nation when boys were men…not like most of you ingrates. Many gave the ultimate sacrifice and were true heroes. I stood amongst them…..I fought beside them…..I was once a boy, but a man also.
The work of this classroom moves forward……
First off this morning, young Mr. Yonki, I appreciated your paper on 1963 and in particular the passage on Gordon Cooper, another American hero. I must however take exception as you were incorrect in your title of the film immortalizing him…….It was not titled “the best stuff”, but “The Right Stuff”. A great biopic on the early days of the space program. I will take it as a slight oversight on your part and not let this misstep affect your final grade. In a few weeks I will submit a lecture on 5 films you all must see before you die. I hope you enjoy it.
We truly can learn a lot from preceding generations. Ironically, nowadays we have cell phones, twitter accounts, 24-7 news coverage; we have been able to realize our wildest technological dreams before we have garnered the ability to manage them. I find that these advances have also in many ways weakened us. I know several youngsters who have absolutely no idea as to how to tell time from a standard watch/clock. They look on their cell phone for the numbers…..and are completely illiterate where a clock is concerned. Is this progress…….Give me your answer!!!!!!!!!
In 1955 the average 19-24 year old “left the nest” to get a job, take a wife and raise a family. In short, to become a man. And most of them had previous practice from the military service which they so happily gave. Nowadays, you ingrates come to this classroom on mommy and daddy’s money and if you are lucky enough to graduate you move back home to your old bedroom (sometimes with your pregnant girlfriend in tow). As you youngsters would say, “You get my drift>”. We can never be a great nation until parents learn to be great parents. Being a great parent does not entail being little Jonny’s best friend but to be his judge, jury and lord high executioner. When the young punk breaks a neighbors window with his softball, don’t blame the neighbor as most parents today do. Take Jonny and whack him one and make him work to pay for the window he broke. Far too many parents live vicariously through their children and therefore cannot fathom the idea that they can do any bit of wrong. Of course, these are the parents (your parents) raised in the hippy Beatles-Woodstock generation. The beginning of America’s decline. The first time----mind you, the first time young Americans when called upon by their country to go to war to defend freedom, refused.
We have been paying for this selfish attitude from generation to generation ever since. It is time to cut programs, slash funding, and let people learn to fend for themselves. Doing this, and only this is the one true way to win back the American spirit…..and the American grit. You slackers will protest, but in the end you will be glad it is done. As fathers used to say on the way to the woodshed…..”this is going to hurt me more than it hurts you’.
Something to think about this morning….
Class Dismissed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

At 8:34 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Professor, I think during your tri to the woodshed, your father hit the wrong end. May just one good shot to the head a 2X4 would have knocked some sense into you. When do you pln to keep your promise and siply go away?

Yonk, Lackawanna county can learn much from their Southern neighbor, Luzeerne County. Home Rule has turned county government upsdie down and it has never been more mismanaged. Can you imagine they guy from Voter Registration telling a media reporter that "we're trying to run a friggin election hear?" The system shuts down and they refuse to give the electronic media the voting results. WTF? Why won't people join to gether to force Lawton and gang to bring Len Piazaa back. I heard one p;erson say they cn explain to him in detail how he is to operate and they van give him an extra long probationary period but admit to a mistake and bring him back.

At 12:39 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

More likely the reefer movie was The Good Shit and I think the professor character has a stash on hand.
Ah, the good old days.

At 4:41 PM, Blogger David Yonki said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

At 4:43 PM, Blogger David Yonki said...

Thanks for the correction on the movie! The darn thing is it, "The Right Stuff" is listed on my blog profile as one of my favorite movies! I also spelled Wansacz wrong too. I don’t think that mistake rises to the level of buffoonery but if this was so egregious a mistake, my apologies to the Wansacz fan out there!
See what happens when it's 90, your car has its top down and all you want to do is bust out and take your wife for Abe's in an impromptu picnic! I never was a good post 4PM summertime employee. Corrections made and I can assure you disciplinary action will be meted out post haste.
To the Professor and Pete, perhaps we can rent that reefer movie and have a fundraiser sometime.

At 11:18 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have never been able to watch "Reefer Madness" to the end. Just too damn stupid.

"They look on their cell phone for the numbers…..and are completely illiterate where a clock is concerned."

"Meet me out front at half-past 3"
"Passed where? 3?"

Being able to navigate an analog time face translates into math pie chart skills and quick basic ETA solutions. This, along with cursive writing, is no longer taught at school.

"these are the parents (your parents) raised in the hippy Beatles-Woodstock generation."

I believe raised by those returning from WW2 - the War to end all Wars. Perhaps looking for a better way to raise kids and MAYBE avoid future wars?

Looking for answers from "nuts" like Dr. Spock - who provided reasonable answers/explanations to the silly stuff the kids (being kids) did.

I don't think any of his conclusions were supported by research but they sounded good within his context. Too bad these parents didn't look to THEIR parents instead.

I find it humbling to take a slow ride (windows down - radio off) though the local cemetery and note the many flags.

When I get home I usually lift a shot of single malt to all those who defended my rights, guaranteed by our founding fathers, and again pray we don't let them slip away.

At 10:19 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lackawanna county voted to fix tickets?
Seriously, they want to change county government because that change is working so well in Luzerne county. Reefer Madness, indeed!


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