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The LuLac Edition #2739, September 27th, 2014

The late Dr. Tom O'Donnell with his son Dr. Brian O'Donnell. (Photo: Citizen's Voice archives)
Former Wilkes Barre Area School Director Thomas O'Donnell has died. O'Donnell was a School Director for two decades on the board spanning the 60s, 70s and 80s.
O'Donnell was also a major political force in the Wilkes Barre Area for that time. His movements both political and recreational were reported almost every week in the old Sunday Independent.
It might have been a blurb about his Kelly green jogging suit as he joined the running craze of the late 70s, his golf game constantly chronicled by the late Tom Heffernan and Don Zimmerman or his political moves by the late Bill Luksic, whatever it was Tom O'Donnell was front and center on the political scene.
While easily winning elections for the school board, O'Donnell tried his hand at the 11th Congressional district seat when a myriad of political figures were trying to succeed Dan Flood and then Ray Musto. He had support of the 6th District Democrats but it was not unanimous because of Wilkes Barre Attorney Frank Harrison's (later Congressman Harrison) presence in the race.
O’Donnell lost that ace but after that served with the Casey administration as well as other local Educational posts. In later years he lent political guidance to many aspiring candidates for office including his sons Neil and Brian.
O’Donnell never tired of talking about his children. It seemed like he was the type of guy who could hold court anywhere. During the 90s when I could still move without a cane, I’d go to the Saxon Pavilion in Edwardsville at 5:45AM every morning to do get some physical time in before heading to Rock 107. After a heart surgery, I’d see O’Donnell there taking his therapy on a recumbent bike. For a time he’d pedal by himself but as the gym filled up, he’d be surrounded by old political allies and foes. The subject was his family, with politics and golf being equally discussed.
O’Donnell was one of the old lions passing from the political scene. It would serve many younger people involved in the process to see his tremendous body of work in both Education and on the local political scene.
His obituary appears in the local newspapers Saturday.


The Kaufer Now Committee is pleased to announce our endorsement rally in conjunction with the family of the late John Bolin. The rally will take place at John Jude Bolin Park (Formerly Butler St. Park) in Wyoming on Sunday, September 28th beginning at 1PM.
We will be formally announcing the endorsements of over a dozen Democratic public officials crossing the aisle in support of our campaign to bring common sense government back to the 120th District of Pennsylvania.
The rally is open to the public and will feature free food and refreshments from Valenti’s Restaurant.
Kaufer said in a release provided to LuLac, “We are extremely excited for this opportunity to engage the community and our elected officials. By crossing party lines and doing what we know is right, we can lead by example and enact policies that strengthen our community.”


At 4:12 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"...a minimum wage increase in Pennsylvania is long overdue."

Seems that if we would encourage real businesses, like they are doing in Susquehanna County, the minimum wage wouldn't be that big of a deal.
Typical liberal BS, push for minimum wage increases, but keep good paying industries out of the area.


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