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The LuLac Edition #2994, July 16th, 2015


So he sits his ass in a car lurking like a cowering little pig.
Shoots 4 U.S. Marines who were at a Naval-Marine training center. All they were doing was their job.
Happy to report that the shooter was shot to death. His pathetic name will remain nameless on this site. Officials are calling it “domestic terrorism”.
This will not stop but maybe it’s time to take some type of action on his family. We welcome people here because we are the home of the brave. But let’s not keep being the homeless of the defenseless and stupid.


Bill Cosby. (Photo: Science of people).
The President weighed in on the Bill Cosby situation this week. When asked about the allegations against the 77 year old comic icons, Obama let him have it. He said, '"If you give a woman, or a man, for that matter, without his or her knowledge a drug and then have sex with them, that's rape. This country, and any civilized country, should have no tolerance for rape'”
In a reply as to whether the Medal of Freedom awarded to Cosby should be revoked, the President said there was no mechanism to do so.
I would hope that the President’s comments will stop those on the right wing from saying that Obama has an agenda. He is calling this one as he sees it.


 Kathryn Steinle (Photo: CNN).
When they bring up the senseless killing of the young woman of the young woman Kathryn Steinle went unmentioned by the President. Steinle was a law abiding citizens who was never charged with a crime and never suspected of a crime. All she was doing was minding her own business and taking a walk with her family when she was shot dead by an illegsal alien. There was a massive screw up by the city of San Francisco and U.S. Immigration. But you ever notice that NO ONE EVER GETS FIRED!!!
The President has spoken out when three black young men who had brushes with the law were killed. To heal the country and the concerns of black Americans was what he needed to do. However to nat makre a public statement or gesture for someone minding their own business feeds into the worst rhetoric you hear from right wing pundits. But it also tells us that nearly 7 years in this White House is still tone deaf on some things. They are still pretty bad on the optics.


This week Governor Tom Wolf took to the road to talk about education as well as the stalled State Budget. The Governor went to a school district in Centre County and made a few comment about the recent budget situation.


The GO House in Washington pulled a bill of the House Floor this week that would have funded more money for women’s breast cancer research. One in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime. So chances are, everyone reading this email has been affected by it in some way. Word is there was opposition by a group close to the Koch Brothers.

Attorney Marion Munley Cartwright, your blog editor and Congressman Matt Cartwright from a photo at last year's event. (Photo: LuLac archives).


So a few years ago the planet Pluto was pretty much dissed by the scientific community. But Tuesday NASA's New Horizons spacecraft got us earthlings a first glance at Pluto. Word was sent of its triumph across 3 billion miles to scientists and interested Americans waiting on the home front, ie earth.
The successful mission was confirmed 13 hours after the flyby and, after a day of of up and downs, NASA and New Horizons could celebrate.
Proverbial breaths were held until Tuesday night, when there was word Pluto was buzzed..
This was the last stop on NASA's grand tour of the planets since in the last 5 decades. New Horizons' journey began 9½ years ago, back when Pluto was still considered a full-fledged planet. Good things come to those who wait.

Former Harrisburg Mayor Stephen Reed. (Times Union).
The former longtime mayor of Harrisburg, Stephen Reed was arrested this week and charged with nearly 500 criminal counts. There are allegations he illegally used hundreds of thousands of dollars from city agencies to purchase historical items, according to the Harrisburg Patriot-News reported.
Reed, 65, was the Democratic mayor of Pennsylvania’s capital city for three thirty years and was arraigned before a Magistrate.
If convicted on all counts and given concurrent maximum sentences, Reed could face up to 2,439 years in prison. That beats Hugo Selenski and O.J.


Andrea Mulrine (Photo: ECTV)

! The city of Scranton will be celebrating it's 150th Birthday and plans and activities associated with that celebration will be the topic for ECTV Live during the week of July 20th. Host David DeCosmo and co-host Rusty Fender will welcome Andrea Mulrine of Scranton Tomorrow to the program to discuss those plans. ECTV Live can be seen on Comcast channel 19 (61 in some areas) and is broadcast three times daily throughout the week.


This Week on Sunday Magazine
Brian Hughes speaks with Bob Valiante, Karen McLain and Jim Gialanella from the Scranton Catholic Charismatic Renewal about their 33rd annual Conference coming up on July 31st thru August 2nd at the University of Scranton.
And Brian speaks with local author Richard Yost about his book "Watching Politics From The Cheap Seats, The Story of the NEPA Freedom Writers".
Sunday Magazine, Sunday morning at 5am on NASH-FM, 93.7, 5:30am on 97BHT, 6am on 97.9X & Sports Radio 590, WARM and 6:25am on Magic 93.


This week's guest is Kelly Ranieli, Executive Director of Volunteers in Medicine of Wilkes-Barre. You'll hear the program Sunday morning at 6 on 94.3 The Talker; 6:30 on The Game Sports Radio Network 1340/1400/1440 am and 100.7/106.7 fm; and at 7:30 on 105 The River


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Our 1965 logo.
Fifty years ago this week American Statesman Adlai Stevenson died at the age of 65. He died on the streets of London of a heart attack. I had read up on Stevenson and at the age of 11 heard stories about his two campaigns for President in the 50s. I was also introduced to him when I read Theodore White's iconic and ground breaking book "The Making of the President 1960".
He served as the 31st Governor of Illinois, and received the Democratic Party's nomination for president in 1952 even though he had not campaigned in the primaries. Stevenson was the compromise candidate because he was more moderate on civil rights than Estes Kefauver, who turned out to be his running mate in 1956 and was acceptable to labor and urban machines—so a coalition of southern, urban, and labor leaders fell in behind his candidacy in Chicago.
To give you an idea of how divided the Democratic party was on Civil Rights in the 1950s, the party leaders picked Stevenson in 1952 because he was pro integration. But his running mate was Alabama’s John Sparkman who was anti Civil Rights.
Stevenson was defeated in a landslide by Republican Dwight D. Eisenhower in the 1952 presidential election. In 1956 he was again the Democratic presidential nominee against Eisenhower, but was defeated in an even bigger landslide. 

He sought the Democratic presidential nomination for a third time in the election of 1960, but was defeated by Senator John F. Kennedy of Massachusetts. After his election, President Kennedy appointed Stevenson as the Ambassador to the United Nations; he served from 1961 to 1965. 
The prominent historian Arthur M. Schlesinger Jr., who served as one of his speechwriters, wrote that "Stevenson was a great creative figure in American politics. He turned the Democratic Party around in the fifties and made JFK the United States and the world he was the voice of a reasonable, civilized, and elevated America. He brought a new generation into politics, and moved millions of people in the United States and around the world." The journalist David Halberstam wrote that "Stevenson's gift to the nation was his language, elegant and well-crafted, thoughtful and calming." Willard Wirtz, his friend and law partner, once said "If the Electoral College ever gives an honorary degree, it should go to Adlai Stevenson.
In early 1960 Stevenson announced that he would not seek a third Democratic presidential nomination, but would accept a draft. One of his closest friends told a journalist that "Deep down, he wants the Democratic nomination. But he wants the Democratic Convention to come to him, he doesn't want to go to the Convention. 
In May 1960 Senator John F. Kennedy, who was actively campaigning for the Democratic nomination, visited Stevenson at his Libertyville home. 
Kennedy asked Stevenson for a public endorsement of his candidacy; in exchange Kennedy promised, if elected, to appoint Stevenson as his Secretary of State. Stevenson turned down the offer, which strained relations between the two men. At the 1960 Democratic National Convention in Los Angeles, Stevenson's admirers, led by Eleanor Roosevelt, Agnes Meyer, and such Hollywood celebrities as Dore Schary and Henry Fonda, vigorously promoted him for the nomination, even though he was not an announced candidate. JFK's campaign manager, his brother Robert F. Kennedy, reportedly threatened Stevenson in a meeting, telling him that unless he agreed to place his brother's name in nomination "you are through." Stevenson refused and ordered him out of his hotel room.
The night before the balloting Stevenson began working actively for the nomination, calling the leaders of several state delegations to ask for their support. The key call went to Chicago Mayor Richard J. Daley, the leader of the Illinois delegation. The delegation had already voted to give Kennedy 59.5 votes to Stevenson's 2, but Stevenson told Daley that he now wanted the Democratic nomination, and asked him if the "delegates' vote might merely indicate they thought he was not a candidate." Daley told Stevenson that he had no support in the delegation. Stevenson then "asked if this meant no support in fact or no support because the delegates thought he was not a candidate. Daley replied that Stevenson had no support." According to Stevenson biographer John Bartlow Martin, the phone conversation with Daley "was the real end of the [1960] Stevenson candidacy...if he could not get the support of his home state his candidacy was doomed." However, Stevenson continued to work for the nomination the next day, fulfilling what he felt were obligations to old friends and supporters such as Eleanor Roosevelt and Agnes Meyer. Senator Eugene McCarthy of Minnesota delivered an impassioned nominating speech for Stevenson, urging the convention to not "reject the man who has made us proud to be Democrats. Do not leave this prophet without honor in his own party." However, Kennedy won the nomination on the first ballot with 806 delegate votes; Stevenson finished in fourth place with 79.5 votes.
Years later when McCarthy ran for President in 1968 his relationship with the Kennedy family and the heir apparent, Robert Kennedy was more frayed than ever given the Senator’s early entry into the race as well as this past history.
Once Kennedy won the nomination, Stevenson, always an enormously popular public speaker, campaigned actively for him. Due to his two presidential nominations and previous United Nations experience, Stevenson perceived himself an elder statesman and the natural choice for Secretary of State. However, according to historian Robert Dallek, "neither Jack nor Bobby Kennedy thought all that well of Stevenson...they saw him as rather prissy and ineffective. Stevenson never met their standard of tough-mindedness." Stevenson's refusal to publicly endorse Kennedy before the Democratic Convention was something that Kennedy "couldn't forgive", with JFK telling a Stevenson supporter after the election, "I'm not going to give him anything." The prestigious post of Secretary of State went instead to the (then) little-known Dean Rusk. However, "although Jack and Bobby would have been just as happy to freeze Stevenson out of the administration, they felt compelled to offer him something" due to his continued support from liberal Democrats. President Kennedy offered Stevenson the choice of becoming "ambassador to Britain, attorney general (a post that eventually went to Robert Kennedy), or United States Ambassador to the United Nations." Stevenson accepted the latter position.
During the Cuban Missile Crisis in October 1962, Stevenson gave a presentation at an emergency session of the Security Council. In the address, which attracted national television coverage, he forcefully asked Soviet UN representative Valerian Zorin if his country was installing nuclear missiles in Cuba, and when Zorin appeared reluctant to reply, Stevenson punctuated with the demand "Don't wait for the translation, answer 'yes' or 'no'!" When Zorin replied that "I am not in an American court of law, and therefore do not answer a question put to me in the manner of a prosecuting will have your answer in due course", Stevenson retorted, "I am prepared to wait for my answer until Hell freezes over." Stevenson then showed photographs taken by a U-2 spy plane which proved the existence of nuclear missiles in Cuba, just after Zorin had implied they did not exist.

Stevenson was a Democratic icon who is still fondly remembered by a generation of pre baby boomers who supported both his candidacies for President…….Stevenson was one of the first divorced men to run for President. He was known to enjoy the company of the ladies....

 Stevenson with Joan Fontaine. (Photo:
in Pennsylvania United States Senator Joseph Clark and Hugh Scott said that Stevenson was a battle tested warrior in the Cold War and say his passing would leave a major hole in U.S. Foreign policy. Former Democratic Governor George Leader and David Lawrence also recalled Stevenson’s futile but dedicated runs for President in 1952 and 1956…..Stevenson traveled to Wilkes Barre during the 1956 campaign. In this photo he addresses a crowd in Wilkes Barre 
and fifty years ago this week the number one song in LuLac land and America was “Cara, Mia” by  Jay & the Americans. 

Sources: Wikipedia, The Making of the President 1960, LuLac archives, New York Daily News, Sunday Independent). Other Photo Credit, Life, Ipledgequeensrembassy, LuLac archives, New York Daily News,, Ebay) 
NOTE: . If you’d like to buy the photo of Adlai Stevenson from a 1956 visit to Wilkes Barre, check out this link:


At 7:58 AM, Anonymous Pope George Ringo said...

JFK never understood Stevenson's penchant for attaining beautiful women. The future president once asked a colleague how Stevenson (who was no matinee idol in the looks dept.) was able to do it.
"He listens to them when they speak." Was the answer.

At 9:41 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The comment on Cosby is pure political double talk. He didn't really say anything about Cosby.
Typical spineless politican, whether and R or a D. They are all worthless

At 6:00 PM, Blogger David Yonki said...

JFK never understood Stevenson's penchant for attaining beautiful women. The future president once asked a colleague how Stevenson (who was no matinee idol in the looks dept.) was able to do it.
"He listens to them when they speak." Was the answer.


And that my friend is the absolute truth. People, as Mayor Jim McNulty says "want to be validated". As a short fat dumpy little guy who has had more than my fair share of "friendships" with tall women, I found out that listening and also hearing is the key. Just make sure you get the Christmas breakfasts and dinners straight if you happen to be a real good listener.

At 1:28 PM, Anonymous Pope George Ringo said...

RE; Anon 9:41: And if he did invoke Cos's name the right would have accused him of jeopardizing any potential upcoming court case against the comedian.
Presidents have an obligation NOT to opine on pending legal questions so as not to prejudice either side.
Nixon jeopardized aspects of the Manson trials when he declared Manson guilty back in 1970...probably the last time a president ever opined on pending legal actions.

At 8:48 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The young woman was murdered by an illegal who had been caught several times and now some are asking whose fault is it and pointing fingers. I have to ask how this could have been prevented? The guy was caught, sent back and returned. Maybe if wwe swtopped being the police enforcement of the world, we could put are army and marines on the land borders and keep this bums out. I can be done and at a lower cost than these friggin wars.


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