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The LuLasc Edition #3290, September, 01, 2016

Hillary Clinton. (Photo: CNN)
If Hillary Clinton wants to win this election, she needs to answer questions about the e mails before the debate. If she doesn't, Donald Trump will destroy her in the debate. She needs to have a full blown news conference and must be prepared to answer every question for as long as it takes.The polls are tightening up and the reason why Trump is being competitive is because people don't understand her role in this. She has to do it. Soon.


So Donald Trump goes to Mexico to meet the Mexican President. The President invited Trump which you would think have given Trump leverage. But at the meeting, Trump wussed out and did not come back with a “deal”. Trump was told by the Mexican President that Mexico would not pay for the wall. Trump’s people made a statement saying of course the Mexican President had to say that.
A bit about the wall.
1. Mexico doesn’t have the money to pay for the wall.
2. Congress has stalled funding on border fences since 2006 and they are going to approve a wall?
3. The wall will encompass a number of states and the Rio Grande River. What jurisdictions are going to be used and what of the property owners along the coast?
4. Are we going to build a wall for the net migration of 20,000 people from Mexico?
Trump went from trying to be a statesman in the morning and then reverted to be a carnival barker later on in the day. 
Overnight, a few Trump Hispanic backers jumped ship. 

Enrique Pena Nieto and Donald Trump. (Photo: Fox News).
Not long after Hours Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump appeared with Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto for a hastily planned press conference in Mexico, and told reporters the topic of who would pay for Trump's infamous border wall did not come up, the same old same old happened. Trump lied. Or exaggerated.
On Twitter, Peña Nieto accused Trump of lying — despite the fact he did not challenge Trump's version of events during the press conference.
"At the start of the conversation with Donald Trump, I made clear that Mexico will not pay for the wall," wrote Peña Nieto. "From there, the conversation addressed other issues, and developed a respectful manner."
Since the meeting between the two men was conducted behind closed doors, it's essentially Peña Nieto's word against Trump's.
The incentive for Trump to lie is a smart political ploy — leaving the meeting without extracting some kind of concession from the Mexican leader would make the "strong" candidate look weak — but Peña Nieto is facing a storm of criticism for both his decision to meet with Trump in the first place and the conciliatory tone of the resulting press conference, which many Mexican regarded as a caving in of the President who is at a lower than 30% approval rating. Keep in mind that this was the same Mexican populace that made up Piñatas of Trump on Holy Saturday to share their dismay for the billionaire.


Eric Trump and his wife stopped by the Clarks Summit headquarters Tuesday. The Luzerne County GOp was there from and center. The grand opening of the campaign office on North State Street in Clarks Summit was held Tuesday afternoon.
Many supporters came out to see the ceremony's special guest, Donald’s son Eric Trump.
Luzerne County Party Chair Ron Ferrance was seen with son Eric.
Young Republicans Sam Marranca also had a quick meeting and greet with the younger Trump.
GOP Vice Chair Lynette Villano also stopped by and met Kelly and Eric Trump.


Evie Refalko McNukty got a chance to meet up with both Vice President Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton last month when both were in town for an event. 

Both gave the Lackawanna County Recorder of Deeds and staunch Democrat a big shout out at the event. They also invoked the memory of her late husband Mayor James B. McNulty.

Katie McGinty (Photo: McGinty for Senate)
McGinty for Senate spokesman Sean Coit released the following statement in response to Pat Toomey’s press conference with Republican State Senator Scott Wagner, who believes that Republicans unwilling to publicly back Donald Trump are “cowards.”
“Even in a campaign season like this one, it’s an odd decision from Pat Toomey to campaign with someone who has called him a coward in public,” said Coit. “Nobody’s taking Pat Toomey’s press conferences seriously because the only real question for him is whether he believes a racist scam artist should be the President of the United States.”
“It’s also ironic for Pat Toomey to try and criticize Katie’s successful career in the public and private sectors. Pat Toomey has spent his entire career working for Wall Street banks, a Chinese billionaire in Hong Kong, and as Wall Street’s top lobbyist in DC. Now, he’s in Congress, and surprise! He’s supporting every pro-Wall Street, pro-millionaire policy he can get his hands on. Pat Toomey’s been in the cushiest revolving door you can find for the last three decades, and now he’s just campaigning to stay there for another six years.”





This Week on Sunday Magazine
Brian Hughes speaks with former Lackawanna County Assistant D.A. Gene Talerico about his work with Marley's Mission and the scourge of heroin in Lackawanna County.
Magic 93's Frankie in the Morning speaks with Dolly Woody from the Susan G. Komen Foundation about "Race For The Cure" coming up in downtown Scranton.
Frankie speaks with James May & Michael Taluto from PENNDOT about safe driving over the Labor Day weekend holiday, as well as Back To School safety.
And Frankie speaks with Amanda & Quentin from the Northeast Regional Cancer Center about their Cancer Survivor Day coming up on Sept 10th.
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Border clashes occur between Tanzania and Uganda……Bangladesh and eastern Bengal are flooded; thousands flee the area…..A civilian government takes power in Greece……0The Progressive Conservatives under Peter Lougheed defeat the Social Credit government under Harry E. Strom in a general, ending 36 years of uninterrupted power for Social Credit in Alberta….. Operation Sourisak Montry VIII opens when forces of the Royal Thai Army recapture several positions in the territory of Laos on the south bank of the Mekong in response to an encroaching Chinese presence to the north…..Qatar gains independence from the United Kingdom. Unlike most nearby emirates, Qatar declines to become part of either the United or Saudi Arabia…….Manlio Brosio resigns as NATO Secretary General……. A Boeing 727 (Alaska Airlines Flight 1866) crashes into the side of a mountain near Juneau, Alaska, killing all 111 people on board….in Pennsylvania Frabk Rizzo begins his campaign for Mayor of Philadelphia in earnest with a huge Labor Day rally in the city…..and in Wilkes Barre a Labor Day weekend is also punctuated by the Labor Union staging events during the Centennial year of the city and 45 years ago this week the number one song in LuLac land and America was Smiling Faces Sometimes by The Undisputed Truth.


At 9:40 AM, Anonymous YF&PSP said...

The release of information from the FBI on Clinton gives a lot of verification into why people don't like her. Detached, unaware, dishonest and above the rules.
I am really not sure why, other than politics, charges were not recommended, if nothing else bringing an unsecured electronic device into a secured space is a knowing and willful violation of security protocols.
The other tidbit I gained from reading the report was the after effects of her her transient ischemic attack - both lapses in memory and judgement, are signs that her mini-stroke may have been more serious than we were led to believe.
We have to seriously consider that Sec Clinton may not have the mental capacity, secondary to health issues, to serve as president. A combination of age (I know many will cry ageism, but from a medical point of view, the aging process, especially in an unhealthy individual, can rob people of physical and mental prowess), with a brain injury, is very disturbing to say the least, and either alone can accelerate diminished mental faculties.
Reading the latest reports, along with all other information about Sec Clinton, and simply observing her since her "accident," it appears more likely that the clot caused the fall and not the other way around.
We have been outright deceived too many time about presidential health and wellness. From McKinley's chances of recovery, to Wilson's stroke to FDR's paralysis, to Eisenhower's myocardial infractions, to JFK's many illnesses to Reagan's Alzheimer's disease - the American public has been kept in the dark over and over again.
People and various health care professionals are trying to sound the alarm, yet, even in this age of information and communication, with the aid of a willing media (tv, print, radio and bloggers), the wool remains wholly ensconced over the voter's eyes.

At 11:36 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What's the matter Donald? Did you even try to get an office in Scranton? I mean of course I think of Clarks Summit when I think of 'Murica.


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