Friday, January 13, 2017

The LuLac Edition #3403, Jaunary 13th, 2017


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1. What type of address doing you think Donald Trump will make at his Inauguration?

Well I have hope. Slim. Maybe if he let Mike Pence read it. The news conference was a prelude to how it’s going to be though.

2. When will you stop disrespecting the new President Elect and stop calling him names?

Uh maybe when he stops doing the same. I intend to drop it a bit after the 20th but I’m having fun making fun of him because, well I’m just trying to live up or down to the standard.

3. What is your go to snack at work between lunch and quitting time?

I’m good after lunch since I take a late one. But that stretch between 11am and 1:30pm is tough. Goldfish usually does it for me along with Hershey’s on a bad day.

4. Yesterday I was out and about listening to the Sue Henry show, she mentioned there were some early school dismissals. She then stated she didn't feel like reading them and for us to check the website. I get that if I was home in front of my computer, but I was driving my car, as I am sure most people who listen to the radio are doing. My question is, As an old radio guy, do you think that WILK is shirking some of its community responsibilities by not reading the list? Thankfully, Magic 93 read it so I was able to get the needed information and make arrangements for my child.

I don’t know if she was being sarcastic or well lazy. (Kidding!) Personally I think they should be read. It is a community responsibility but WILK has an older audience, some of whom are selfish old coots who are pretty much selfish. I mean listen to the stuff on the comment line! Pure ignorance and pure pride in it.
As a radio guy, I see TV doing a better job of dealing with school closures then radio and in a way local radio is paying a price for that. When I was in sales at WARM, we’d sell packages for Operation Snowflake because, wait for it, people listened.

5. Will Bob Casey Junior and Tom Wolf have trouble in 2018 getting re-elected?

Not if I can help it.

6. Chuck Schumer, clown or a sly fox?

He will be formidable, more likable then Harry Reid and more deft. No clown.

7. Isn’t it true that there was a Bobby Kennedy song that involved the Troggs?

Kind of. Sort of. Robert Kennedy was the Senator from New York and was a sworn enemy of the incumbent President Lyndon Johnson. Another Senator, a Republican, Everett Dirksen was an ally of LBJ helping him move the Civil Rights legislation through Congress. In the pivotal year 1967 (a year before an election where it was widely assumed Bobby Kennedy would run against LBJ,) record companies did two versions of “Wild Thing” with two “senatorial” impersonators. So that’s the story and here they are:

8. I heard you on the air with Rob Neyhard. You guys were pretty good. How long have you known Rob?

I first met Rob in 1976 when he was at WBAX Radio. I had interned there in the Spring and Summer. Rob was also President of the NEPA Professional News Media Association. I served as the Secretary. We then had interactions at WARD, WARM Radio (where we did some fine remotes called “Rob On the Road”) and now on WILK. When Rob was on the Sports Talk Show with Joe Thomas on WILK Saturdays, once in a while I’d reprise my role as “Michelle Cavelle Ravell” from the Archbald Poetry Society. I regret we did not have more time on the 29th when i was on with him in the morning. We had tons of stuff we could've talked about. Good friend, good guy.

9. The Pack vs the Cowboys. Thoughts?

The Boys are formidable. The Pack seem to be on a roll but as we know, rolls sometimes stop. We’ll see.

10. Most Challenging part of doing your year end feature?

They are labor intensive but I work ahead. The toughest part this year was updating all the dates of death.

11. Will Mayor Bill Courtright win another term as Scranton Mayor?

He may win by default because quite frankly I don’t know of any sane person who wants the job.

12. Thoughts on the Police Union and the Police Chief in Wilkes Barre?

It was a private poll that got released. I want to know why and who released it? Morale varies at every job. Unless there is something egregious, people should just do their jobs.

13. Laureen Cummings and the Lackawanna County Arts Tax? Thoughts? 

Well first off it funds programs in the county that improves the county that improves the quality of life. She was elected to be a tax cutter. I think it’s unfortunate though to go after things that improve the knowledge and the culture of a county.
My main issue is not with her proposal but that Commissioner Pat O’Malley at the time did not have a comment. However O'Malley did make an announcement on Friday saying the County would fund the arts in Lackawanna County and keep it afloat.
Question re-edited on Saturday 01/14/17.


At 6:21 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I heard Sue Henry that day, she seemed ticked she even had to mention it, as if it was a huge bother.
I guess she has forgotten what it is like to be a working parent with kids in school. I switched the station as well. I know the school closings and delays aren't important to WILK, because they never bother to read them - it seems they have forgotten radio is still listened mostly in cars, but to those of us that still rely on radio for information, it is very important.

At 7:29 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

With all of your negative comments on Cummings, I am starting to think the only reason you got behind her in the elections was because she has a pretty nice ***.

At 7:32 PM, Blogger David Yonki said...

With all of your negative comments on Cummings, I am starting to think the only reason you got behind her in the elections was because she has a pretty nice ***.


If this is who I think it is, you got way too much sun while yopu were away.
I thought she'd shake things up but she screwed another woman out of a position she already was promised, she aligned herself with "Cam" O'Malley and has been disgraceful in her conduct regarding people "different" then hers.
Christian values, Republican values my ***!!!


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