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The LuLac Edition #3488, May 4th, 2017


Shortly after the first 100 days, President Trump put a TV ad out saying he created thousands of new jobs, saved countless others, had a plan to lower taxes and came out against the "fake" media. Trump, who benefited from media coverage all of his life cited the following people in this ad. Now it ran by pretty fast but I froze it and wanted to share it with you. The photo is below.
The people featured are Andrea Mitchell who got her start in the Philadelphia market over 40 years ago, Wolf Blitzer who has covered numerous stories on CNN, Rachael Maddow the MSNBC firebrand, George Stephanopoulos from ABC as well as Scott Pelley from CBS.
The very network that Trump was interviewed on the day the ad ran is fake?
The people listed here have at least 200 years of reporting and journalism experience. They did not stay on the air by being "fake".
Fake to Donald Trump and his supporters is essentially any entity or person who doesn't kiss his butt. The sad thing is his supporters will believe this alternate reality ad.


Come one, come all to the recently revived BLOGFEST Saturday night. The date, May 6th. Starts at 5pm at Olde Tyme Charlie's on River Road in Plains. All candidates are welcome as well as interested parties.


Hillary Clinton admitted that her campaign made mistakes. She also opined that there was a lot of male misogyny that prevented her from winning a very close election in the Electoral College.
Despite what the President says, his Electoral College margin was neither historic nor the largest. A few states like our own gave Trump a razor thin margin. Hell, the ingrates of Luzerne County gave him half the votes he needed to win Pennsylvania. If I see one more national story about why Dens voted for Trump, I’ll choke. 
This region has survived on government programs supported by the Democratic party. There are even some Depression era, WWII survivors telling us they changed party registration because of Trump. Sorry, those are ingrates. 
Then there was the gender issue Clinton brought up. But Clinton being a woman was not only a problem for men here, but also women who decided they didn’t want to break that glass ceiling. They’d rather walk in lockstep with the men folk and “do as their told”! A lot of misogyny among women here in The Lu.
Gotta love The Lu.

One of the most entertaining callers to WILK Radio is John. John identifies himself from various locales in the area. With his gravelly voice, he was a strong advocate against Hillary Clinton in 2016.
Fair enough.
But the other day he called Sue Henry and asked her how Senator Pat Toomey could be against Pre existing conditions in the Health Care Bill.
John said that it doesn’t make sense to him how any government leader could oppose something like something so important. He was still wondering why.
Well John, here’s why.
Pat Toomey is a REPUBLICAN.
REPUBLICANS care about business, not individuals.
REPUBLICANS think you are being independent by having hoagie sales to pay for your pre existing conditions than having it as part of health care. An insurer offering coverage in the individual market would not be able to "impose any pre-existing condition exclusion" if the individual has at least 18 months of continuous coverage before enrolling in the new plan.
Translated, that means that if you have a pre-existing condition but haven't had a recent gap in your health coverage, insurers could not discriminate against you.
That provision, however, leaves the door open to policy denials -- or higher charges -- if your coverage lapses. If you get laid off or lose your job and do have a coverage gap, they would be able to deny you, they would be able to charge more and put limits on your insurance”.
Now most of the people that would be negatively impacted by this standard live in Republican-held states, mostly in the South, where there are higher rates of obesity and diabetes than the rest of the country.
It could also harm people who, for example, have been out of work for a while but want to start their own business or become independent contractors.
The REPUBLICANS want people to be entrepreneurs but don’t want to help them with the gaps.
Prior to the ACA, plans could simply decide not to cover certain services like mental health and substance use disorder treatment, or prescriptions drugs. In fact, before the ACA one in three people with coverage in the individual market didn’t have any coverage for substance use treatment.
Plans today are required to cover all of these types of care, as well as other core benefits, including hospital care, rehabilitative care, and maternity care. Eliminating this requirement will just open the door for insurers to once again cherry-pick the benefits they cover to detract people who need care.
As a matter of fact, the REPUBLICANS have done nothing to outline how they will protect the 129 million people with pre-existing conditions.
But John wants to know why.
REPUBLICANS have no use, regard or compassion for the Middle Class. Period. They are in bed with the Insurance companies who raised rates. They went along with the REPUBLICAN LIE that rates were raised because of the ACA.
Nope it was the Insurance companies and the heartless REPUBLICAN cowards. I say that because Toomey took questions on The Sue Henry show. They were screened by her (and Sue had taken listener feedback like John’s) but we elected people to meet and greet the people. Not hide. 
Toomey hasn't faced a real voters face to face in ages.  


Two Republicans in Congress, Fred Upton and Billy Long introduced an amendment to the GOP health care bill that would add an additional  8 billion dollars for high risk pools. There are many who think this is not adequate. Our friends at the Pennsylvania Health Access Network think it's not enough either. We agree. 
Antoinette Kraus, executive director of the Pennsylvania Health Access Network issued the following statement today about the Upton-Long Amendment:
“High-risk pools are not a sustainable, reasonable, or affordable option for Pennsylvanians with pre-existing conditions. High-risk pools have high administrative costs and often have to close enrollment or impose waiting periods due to funding that's insufficient to meet the demand for coverage. As a transition to the Affordable Care Act, Pennsylvania ran a high risk pool, PA Fair Care, between 2010 and 2013 that covered just 6,960 individuals at a cost of $160 million. Enrollment demand exceeded projections by 25 percent, causing the program to cut off enrollment when it ran out of funding 10 months early.”
A new report suggests estimates low-bound enrollment for a high risk pool in Pennsylvania under the AHCA in its current form at 54,000 individuals. While the AHCA would fund Pennsylvania's high risk pool at $453 million per year, the cost of running the pool -- with enrollees paying $10,000 per year -- would be $1,141 million. This means that the AHCA falls short of adequately funding Pennsylvania's potential high risk pool by $687 million each year. This could result in rationing of care, extremely high costs for enrollees, including premiums and deductibles far higher than those under the ACA, and cuts to benefits.
The majority of Americans want Congress to keep and improve the Affordable Care Act and won't be fooled by this latest in a series of desperate attempts to force people to pay more and get less: less coverage, fewer protections, and worse choices. We hope lawmakers, who we know are hearing fierce opposition to the AHCA everyday from constituents, aren't fooled either."


Did you see that press briefing that Sean Spicer and Mick Mulvaney had the other day? Both claimed there was a wall already started across the southern border. In reality they were angry that the Democrats seemed to have saved funding for Planned Parenthood. When asked to provide details by the media, here's what they did.

It is always entertaining to hear President Trump try to explain something historical. Like today when he opined that President Andrew Jackson would have could have brokered peace between the North and South — sides that held irreconcilable views on slavery — if he had not died a decade-and-a-half before. Jackson was a slave-holding plantation owner who was instrumental in the forced removal of Native American tribes from the U.S. Southeast in the so-called Trail of Tears. By the time of his death in 1845, Jackson owned about 150 slaves. During his time in office, he denounced the growing activity of abolitionists seeking an end to slavery.
 Trump said, "Jackson was a very tough person, but he had a big heart. He was really angry that he saw what was happening with regard to the Civil War."
So if, as history tell us that at the time of his death, Jackson owned 150 slaves, what was it he saw that made him angry regarding the Civil War?
With the man with the big heart had freed the slaves or been on the side of the South?
Jackson at the time of his death said “He’ll die with the Union” but one wonders if this current  President had some type of crystal ball that gave him the insight into the Civil War when he is hard pressed to explain any parts of his current policies in detail.


Congressman Matt Cartwright (Photo: LuLac archives)
Last week, Congressman Cartwright and Florida Congressman Curbelo reintroduced bipartisan legislation that would assist nonprofits in becoming more energy efficient. The Nonprofit Energy Efficiency Act would establish a pilot program at the U.S. Department of Energy that would provide grants to nonprofits in order to improve energy efficiency of their buildings. Companion legislation was also introduced in the Senate by Senator Klobuchar (D-MN) and Senator Hoeven (R-ND).
Non-residential buildings consume more than $200 billion in energy costs. Many of the recent energy efficiency incentive or support programs are structured in the form of tax credits and rebates. Nonprofits, however, are tax exempt entities and unable to take advantage of these programs. Under the proposal, nonprofits could apply for grants up to 50% of the total cost of the energy efficiency program—up to $200,000.
“Nonprofits are often the least able to surmount the investment cost to improve energy efficiency,” said Rep. Cartwright. “This bipartisan bill will help nonprofits save money while making energy efficient upgrades to their buildings, which will allow them to devote more resources to serving their communities.”
“Places of worship and other non-profits have to balance the allocation of their resources while serving the needs of their communities, and we should encourage them to leverage their funds to maximize those efforts,” Rep. Curbelo said. “This bipartisan legislation would help make sure these organizations do not have to choose between providing important community services and upgrading their infrastructure for long-term energy efficiency and savings.”
Commercial buildings are responsible for approximately 20% of primary energy consumption in the United States. This category encompasses many nonprofit organizations, including houses of worship, Boys & Girls Clubs, YMCAs, nonprofit hospitals, and museums. Over 370,000 houses of worship collectively spend more than $3 billion in annual energy costs. The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that congregations could cut their energy costs by 1/3 through energy efficiency improvements.
This bill is supported by the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America, U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, National Council of Churches, Jewish Federations of North America, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, Sojourners, General Conference of Seventh Day Adventists, YMCA of the U.S.A., Interfaith Power & Light, Association of Art Museum Directors, and the New Evangelical Partnership for the Common Good.
“The Nonprofit Energy Efficiency Act is very important for the faith-based and nonprofit community. This legislation will enable our synagogues and non-public schools, along with YMCAs, libraries, museums and others to put more of their resources into programs to help those they serve, and less into energy expenses,” said Nathan Diament, executive director for public policy for the Orthodox Union. “The Orthodox Union is deeply appreciative of Senators Klobuchar and Hoeven, and Representatives Cartwright and Curbelo for their strong support of this legislation.”




This Week on Sunday Magazine.
Brian Hughes speaks with Brian Hallock, Grand Knight of the Knights of Columbus St Ann's Council about their 2nd Annual 8K Trail Run & 2K Walk, coming up on Sunday May 21st at Aylesworth Park in Jermyn.
Brian speaks with Dr. Padma Gravey and her patient, Erica D'Aquino about women's health and menopause, and how women should take better care of themselves.
Brian also speaks with Nikki Stone from 97.9X about the Annual Nicholson Wine Festival, coming up next Saturday, May 13th at the Nicholson Fire Company grounds.
And Brian speaks with Roberta Rafaloff from MetLife about the dangers of outliving your retirement savings.
Sunday Magazine, Sunday morning at 5am on NASH-FM, 93.7, 5:30am on 97BHT, 6am on 97.9X and Sports Radio 590, WARM and 6:25am on Magic 93.


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Our 1977 logo.
"The King & I" opens at Uris Theater NYC for 719 performances1977 NFL Draft: Ricky Bell from USC first pick by Tampa Bay Buccaneers"Beatles at Hollywood Bowl" released in UK………."Happy End" opens at Martin Beck Theater NYC for 75 performances 103rd Kentucky Derby: Jean Cruguet on Seattle Slew wins in 2:02.2………..Patty Hearst let out of jail…. Senator Richard Schweiker pans any rumor that he is thinking of running for Governor in 1978. Schweiker’s popularity was hurt a bit by moderates in the state when he was chosen and accepted as Ronald Regan’s running mate in the former California Governor’s failed bid for President in 1976… Wilkes Barre Walter Lisman, half way through his term touts the city’s redevelopment of Public Square which had been a work in progress since the ’72 flood and forty years ago this week the number one song in LuLac Land and America was “Southern Nights” by Glen Campbell.


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