Thursday, September 14, 2017

The LuLac Edition #3597, September 14th, 2017


President Trump (Photo: The White House)
I love the fact that President Trump is willing to make some sort of accommodation with the Democrats an moderate parts of his party. But the right is having a fit. Their heads are exploding because they are shocked the President has changed his mind on things that are near and dear to him. 
Now to be sure, The President will not let go of his base.  After days of silence, he did take after "Crooked Hillary" for her new book. Pretty ironic that the guy who is NOW under INVESTIGATION for maybe obstruction of justice calls her a criminal. But for right now, Trump seems to be moving in the direction that if he needs to get something done, he needs the help of every member of Congress. 
Now before the Republicans get too worked up and the Democrats get too confident, let's remember that this President, this person is a loose cannon. Today he pretty much said there was no deal with the Dems. Like any Trump venture, past, present or future, never trust and always, always verify. Better yet, let HIM make the statement so it's on record. 


Once more a school strike by teachers has reared its ugly greedy head in LuLac land. This time the Abington Heights School district teachers are striking because of the pittance they must pay for their health care. Their attitude is an insult to hard working people who pay much more.
The kicker is that even after these greedy "public servants"  retire, the taxpayers pay their freight.
The time has come to abolish the teacher unions ALL TOGETHER and hire people who will appreciate their jobs.
It of course begs the question…why don’t they strike in the summer? Why don’t they walk the picket line after 3?
That would be “work”, extra work and we can’t have none of that now can we.

Teachers are still another part of the political class that deserve little sympathy and very little respect when they strike.
They care about the kids though Yonk, right?
Yeah, right

State Representative Tarah Toohil issued the following statement in regards to questions on whether she was running for the 11th Congressional seat being vacated by Congressman Lou Barletta in his bid for U.S. Senate. Rep. Toohil stated recently, , "I am a servant of the people, and to know so many have expressed the desire for me to serve in the federal government is truly humbling and inspires me to continue to work harder than ever on behalf of all the constituents I represent." "At this time, and after great consideration, I have decided not to run for congress. Rather, I will support the candidacy of a man who has extensive experience in both the private and public sector, Dan Meuser. Dan's particular work experience and life experience at age 53 is unparalleled. Dan has served as a President of a successful global company, as Secretary of the Department of Revenue (taking it from a D to A- rating under his leadership), as a tireless supporter of conservative candidates and charitable efforts in our community. Dan Meuser is a high quality candidate who has already proven he is ready to lead." "This will be a critical primary. Rather than Republicans challenging one another, we should challenge the hyper-liberal policies of the left that don't fit with our area's values and, importantly, that fail to put America First. I believe Republicans should unite behind the candidate best able to communicate a conservative agenda and ensure pursuit of America First policies, and that person is Dan Meuser." Toohil stated in closing, "Furthermore, with Dan in Congress and me remaining in the State House of Representatives, I'm confident the District would have two strong advocates--on the federal and state level--who respect one another tremendously and who will work well in tandem advocating for the best interests of the people we both represent."
A few things here. Toohil in any other time might have been a formidable candidate. But she is making the smart play. She’s young, popular and can build a record in a very safe seat. Unless she does something spectacularly stupid, Toohil is safe. Her career is set.
This is what the state Republican party does. It clears the path for people who are strong, popular candidates. Meuser might as well start picking out the furniture.


GOP candidate (right) Paul Mango (Mango website) 
Mango with President Reagan. (Mango website)
On the Republican side, there seems to be an intriguing candidate running for Governor next year. His name is Paul Mango and here’s a little about him.
Paul Mango's roots in Pennsylvania run deep. His grandfather immigrated here from Italy, and then worked on the railroad that crossed the state; the one that carried the steel and coal helping to build our factories and create countless jobs. Paul's grandfather passed on to him the value and dignity of hard work. During high school, Paul worked as a dishwasher, at a farmer's market stocking produce, and as a scorekeeper at a bowling alley.
Balancing his father's advice to get a college education along with his strong calling to serve his country Paul applied - and was accepted - to West Point. One of his proudest moments was receiving his diploma on graduation day from President Ronald Reagan.
After completing Army Ranger training and jump school, Paul went on to serve America as a paratrooper in the storied 82nd Airborne Division.
While serving in the military, Paul and his wife saved every penny they could so that he could continue his education. He earned a Master's degree in Business from Harvard, an education that will be invaluable for someone whose main priorities as governor will be growing Pennsylvania's economy, creating jobs, and finding innovative ways to do more with less.
Paul then joined one of the most respected business leadership and professional advisory firms in America, where he rolled up his sleeves and helped companies first anticipate and adapt to change. Paul's 25 years as a business leader have provided him with an unmatched skillset for helping Pennsylvania out-compete other states and countries for the jobs of the future.
Despite these remarkable achievements, Paul Mango will tell you that his greatest blessing in life has been his family. While at West Point. Paul met his wife Dawn. Today, they've been married for nearly 35 years. And they've lived in the same Pittsburgh house for 20 years where they've raised their five daughters - one of whom followed her parents' footsteps to West Point and is now serving our country as a First Lieutenant overseas in Korea. Paul and Dawn have also generously supported a variety of veterans' and military-related charities since leaving active duty.
Now Paul Mango wants to take his middle-class values, his military training, business education, and decades of experience solving some of the toughest business problems at America's most admired companies, to fix Pennsylvania's stalled economy, underperforming schools, out-of-control spending and taxation, heroin and opioid epidemic, and end sanctuary cities to make Pennsylvania work again...for all our families. (Mango website)
Here's Mango's statement on his endorsement from Senator Tom Cotton: I am honored to announce that I have received the endorsement of conservative stalwart and fellow veteran, Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR).
Senator Cotton has been a true and unflinching conservative in Washington. I have had the pleasure of knowing him for many years and I can say without hesitation that the Tom Cotton you see today is the Tom Cotton I saw yesterday and I am sure we will still see tomorrow. His commitment to service and our nation is without question, and I look forward to working with him in the weeks and months to come as we take our conservative vision to all of Pennsylvania’s 67 counties. This might help in the primary but not so much in the General. But one step at a time I guess.

Congressman Matt Cartwright (Photo: LuLac archives)
U.S. Representative Matt Cartwright announced that the Pocono Services for Families & Children received $1,546,043 in federal funds from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). These funds are used for the continuation of high quality, comprehensive, early childhood education.
Head Start is a federal program created in 1965 to address the educational and developmental needs of low-income, pre-school children. Head Start’s comprehensive service system provides social, nutritional, and educational services for thousands of children and their families across the United States. Head Start emphasizes the role of parents as their child's first and most important teacher.
“I am a proud proponent of these programs that work to break the cycle of poverty by ensuring children are better prepared for success in school,” said Rep. Cartwright. “Head Start and Early Head Start programs are an important investment in our community and our economy.”
“Pocono Services for Families and Children provides comprehensive, supportive services for young children and their families to promote success in school and life,” said Tim Lee, Executive Director of Pocono Services for Families & Children. “Our agency has been serving the community's most vulnerable young children and their families since 1965 and continues to expand services to better meet the various and unique needs of our community. As the director of the Head Start Program, I am happy to be able to say that we serve 145 kids in Monroe County through this federal funding in before- and after-school programs and are grateful to Congressman Cartwright for his support for this funding.”
Head Start services are funded and overseen by The Office of Head Start (OHS), within the Administration for Children and Families (ACF), a division of the Department of Health & Human Services. The AFC promotes the economic and social well-being of children, families, individuals, and communities with leadership and resources for compassionate, effective delivery of human services.

Congressman Tom Marino (Photo: Marino website)
Republican and Democrats  are waiting with baited breath to see when and if Congressman Marino will be named President Trump’s drug czar. The reason I'm hearing for the delay is that there is such a backlog in the White House getting essential personal vetted. Many cite that as the reason for the delay in naming him.But there seemed to be two starts and then a stop.
Meanwhile prospective Republicans and Democrats want to know where Marino will be so they can plan their campaigns. If he resigns, there will be a Special Election. That's a consideration too. The media buyers are also wondering what will happen too.


Democratic candidate for Luzerne County Council had a nice event Wednesday night at The Red Mill. About 75 turned out to meet and greet the young candidate. Vough is venturing into the political arena for the first time. A highlight of the evening was the gathering of Matt’s classmates from the old Immaculate Conception School off of William street in Pittston. The school and church might be gone but with many ethnic Catholic schools, the bonds stick. Here are a few photos from last night.
Luzerne County Controller Michelle Bednar stopped by. Look for an interview with her in the weeks to come on LuLac.
Here are two crowd shots.
This is a photo of me with Matt’s mom Cindy Vough and his Aunt Loretta Amico. Otherwise known as The Forlenza sisters from The Junction. My family goes way back with the Forlenza family. The family corner store was run by Tillie and Frank. You could get milk and Sealtest Ice Cream just by strolling down the street. Their dad Rudy was our milkman and a type of mentor for me and other young men at Detato’s Market in Pittston. Loretta and I worked together while she checked and I bagged. We are just two of at least a thousand young people in the Pittston area who learned about the working world at that Supermarket owned by the Detato Family.
Here I am with the man of the hour Matt Vough.


4 year anniversary for Emily on WALN TV 
Also Emily is in a competition for Maxim Magazine for a modeling gig. Check out their page and how you can vote for her. Here's the link:


This week's guest will be Joe Grandinetti from the NEPA Genealogical Society
Tune in Sunday morning at 6 on 94.3 The Talker; 6:30 on 1400-The Game, NEPA's Fox Sports Radio and 106.7 fm; and at 7:30 on 105 The River.


This Week on Sunday Magazine.
Magic 93's Frankie in the Morning speaks with Karen Thomas from the Penn State Extension about their 4th annual PROSPER 5K Run & Walk, coming up on Sunday October 1st to benefit drug & alcohol programs.
Brian Hughes speaks with Brian Hallock and Doug Calzola from the Knights of Columbus Council 12572, about their 2nd annual Charities Golf Tournament, coming up on Saturday October 14th at the Pine Hills Country Club in Taylor.

Frankie speaks with Jessica Baker about the 5th annual Jamie Baker Memorial Scholarship Fundraiser on Saturday September 23rd at the Dupont VFW.
An encore of Brian's interview with organ donor awareness advocate Tony Harding, about the importance of organ donations, and his own experiences in that field.
And Frankie speaks with Miss Luzerne County Outstanding Teen, Courtney Richards, about the NEPA Scholarship "Purseonality" Auction on Sunday September 24th at 2pm at Mohegan Sun at Pocono Downs.
Sunday Magazine, Sunday morning at 5am on NASH-FM, 93.7, 5:30am on 97BHT, 6am on 97.9X and Sports Radio 590, WARM and 6:25am on Magic 93.


ECTV Live hosts Rusty Fender, David DeCosmo, and Director Mark Migilore welcome John Maday to the program during the week of September 18th to unveil plans for the annual Dragon Boat Races on the Susquehanna River at Wilkes-Barre. He'll also be speaking about other activities along the river this season and next!
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Our 1977 logo

Glam rock pioneer Marc Bolan dies in a car crash in Barnes, London......Courageous (U.S.), skippered by Ted Turner, sweeps the Australian challenger Australia in the 24th America's Cup yacht race.....Under pressure from the Carter Administration, President of Nicaragua Anastasio Somoza Debayle lifts the state of siege in Nicaragua....North Korean agents abduct Yutaka Kume from Noto Peninsula starting the North Korean abductions of Japanese citizens.......The Petrozavodsk phenomenon is observed in the Soviet Union and some northern European countries……Pete Flaherty in the Carter Justice Department says he will indeed run for Governor in 1978……in Lackawanna County Eugene Hickey the Democratic candidate for Mayor declares he can win the Mayor’s race in a three way battle and forty years ago the number one song in LuLac land and America was “The Star Wars Theme” from the London Philharmonic Orchestra.


At 11:26 AM, Anonymous Your Friend and Political Sparring Partner said...

Trump has never been a conservative, he isn't even a RINO, he is a ROC (republican of convenience).

If the Dem primary was as wide open, he may have run as a Dem. He is, what he has always been, a pragmatic, self-promoting, opportunist. If he thought kissing Peloi's shrunk wrapped face would increase his position, he wouldn't even hesitate.

I might have to tune into Savage tonight, he may blow a bigger gasket than Corbett did when Hilary lost.

At 10:31 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Trump's base is a base of one HIM!!!!!!

At 11:48 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great photos.
As always, good stuff.
When are they going to let you back on WILK to do a show?

At 12:41 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Trump wants a "W".
We are not winning.
Neither is he.
He has an ego and this is killing him.

At 7:16 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Definitely voting for Emily.
I think Toohil as you said made the smart decision. Danny Boy seems as if he's on the way.
The only loser in all of this is Barletta.
In terms of the 10th, I'd love to see Doc Madiera take another stab at it and shit, 40 years for Star Wars.
That covers it, my mind is full, gotta watch some feetsball to clear it out.


At 7:32 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here';s the thing Yonki, like previous posters wrote....Trump will use and abuse and like you wrote, no one should ever think he's "their friend".
He's the lonliest guy in the world.

At 8:12 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Doc Madiera lives in Pensacola Florida

At 11:09 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was doing a search on Mr. Mueser's last run for congress and came across this column. Do you know this Joe Leonard? And, is he on Mueser's team?

At 11:34 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

8:12 AM

Damn, I voted for him over Marino. He bugged out most likely because he was smart enough to get out of here.

At 1:20 PM, Blogger David Yonki said...

I was doing a search on Mr. Mueser's last run for congress and came across this column. Do you know this Joe Leonard? And, is he on Mueser's team?


Dr. Joe is a frequent contributor to LuLac. As a matter of fact this article you referenced was published in LuLac on our Write On Wednesday feature.
To my knowledge, he is not on Meuser's team. The sad fact is that people with institutional and common sense knowledge get on politician's staff , some, who have no business being there.
If you look at any elected official, all the staff people are campaign cronies, friends of te in laws, most with bland personalities and cookie cut mentality toward politics.
Political campaigns like gray. Hillary's two Presidential runs were full of them.
A guy like Leonardi on a staff would add spice, pop and a "hey wait a minute fella here" personality.
They don't want that, they want a son or daughter of a crony.
I read the post, I had forgotten about the immigration issue at Pride.
Like the Doc said, could've been avoided but the "faceless" ones wore their little suits and ties or heels and had no idea how to protect a candidate.
My friend the late Jim McNulty used to say, "Hire someone with a little gray in their hair".
We might be talking about Governor Meuser by now if someone had listened to Leonardi.
But you have to be a chosen one in the never ending clique that is the political class in Pennsylvania.

At 12:53 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Yep Senator Baker even got her kid something with Tom Corbett.

At 9:40 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"ROC' I love it. Descriptive in more than one way


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