Sunday, October 17, 2010

The LuLac Edition #1335, Oct. 17th, 2010



The Tim Mullen campaign for State Representative in the 120th announced that Walter L Griffith Jr., Luzerne County Controller endorsed Mullen. “This is a huge endorsement for the campaign as Tim Mullen continues to gain across the board support, and is poised to shock the political establishment by being the first independent voice in Harrisburg in nearly a century” said Lou Jasikoff, spokesman for the Mullen campaign. Jasikoff continued, “It is becoming apparent that voters see the benefits of having a viable third party on the ballot and what it brings to the arena of ideas and competition to the political process. Many of our elected officials no longer represent the people, but represent their parties, and unfortunately their parties are bought and sold by special interests”
Griffith added, “When I ran for Controller I did so for the benefit of the people I represent. Republicans and Democrats and Independents. The people of Luzerne County deserve a candidate with honesty and integrity in the Pennsylvania State House of Representatives in 120th District and Tim Mullen has demonstrated by his service to our Country as well as his honesty, that he is the right person for the people of the 120th District. Mullen concluded. “I am honored to have been endorsed by Walter Griffith a true advocate for the taxpayers of Luzerne County. Walter, like me, comes from a working class background and knows first-hand the plight and frustrations of the average citizen. Like Walter, my only concern will be for the ones who will pay my salary, and pay the bills in Pennsylvania; that is the taxpayer.” Griffith endorses a Libertarian once more establishes his independence from the party. The chief of the GOP County team Terry Casey doesn’t really bash Griffith in response but does indicate he is disappointed. Griffith doesn’t owe the county GOP anything mainly because he ran his own race in the primary and in the general while he got party help, he was outspent by his Democratic opponent Bob Morgan. Plus Wil Toole was no slouch in the fundraising department in his race against the two as an Independent. It will be interesting to see how this race in the 120th plays out. A good friend of mine, a registered Independent who voted for Mundy a few times is undecided on this race. He graduated high school with Goldworthy, has no problem with Mundy but feels a pull toward finally having a third choice. Watch this race.


The Citizen’s Voice put out a document that is the Home Rule Charter. Read it. Study it. Then vote.


On Monday, October 18, Congressman Paul E. Kanjorski (PA-11), Secretary of the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development Austin J. Burke, the Appalachian Regional Commission, and the Northeastern Pennsylvania Regional Bioscience Initiative will announce significant federal funding for an important regional economic development initiative involving Northeastern Pennsylvania’s emerging bioscience industry.
WHEN: Monday, October 18 at 1:00 p.m.
WHERE: Junior Achievement of Northeastern Pennsylvania, Inc.
1222 Oak Street
Pittston Township, PA 18640


Tom Corbett and Dan Onorato debated on Saturday night. The event hosted by Philadelphia Daily News columnist John Baer was tame. Even Corbett agreed with Onorato for early childhood educational intervention on the kindergarten level. But they did have their differences over whether Dan Onorato is a clone of the an they are both looking to succeed, Ed Rendell.
Corbett had a pretty good idea for a 401K pension plan for State employees that would replace the current one. Corbett pointed out that if it was good enough for the public sector, it should be good enough for state workers. Onorato said that Corbett’s education plan and no tax pledge was designed to put the taxation burden on local governments that could ill afford it. Onorato also called for reform of the Legislature pointing out the he reformed Allegheny County government eliminating row offices and getting unanimous support from his county council. The debate was the second of third scheduled.


Last night the Phillies lost to the Giants because a player who was put on waivers and nearly released in August by San Francisco beat their ace with two home runs. Cody Ross turned out to be the hero of the game. Meantime in the Phillies dugout sat Charlie Manuel. When Manuel was faltering a few years ago with the Phils, the GM surrounded him with a team of coaches who were all former major league managers. The implication being that Charlie would be replaced in an instant if the team didn’t do well. Unlike other managers who would get paranoid, Manuel just kept being himself. He’s still sitting there in the top chair. And that GM is long gone.


At 6:15 PM, Anonymous EJ said...

Tim Mullen best man for the job

At 1:34 PM, Anonymous Mayor Bill said...

Walter has endorsed Tim because I came out for the home rule charter. Walter should look at the Libertarian platform and see what they believe in, he wouldn't be happy! (illegal immigrants,eliminate social security,abortion,just to name a few) Walter has been doing a great job as a watch dog, unfortunatly we need a total change in the way we do business here in Luzerne County.


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