Saturday, January 14, 2017

The LuLac Edition #3404, January 14th, 2017

Wilkes Barre City Council voted 4 to 0 the other night to authorize city officials to pursue a $1 million gaming grant to facilitate the possible expansion of Berkshire Hathaway GUARD Insurance to the city-owned Hotel Sterling property according to the Citizen’s Voice.
The Mayor said that The Guard needs to expand and he’d like to keep those jobs in the city. There are reports that The Guard was approached by other town to move.
A few things.
Gaming money was supposed to give property tax breaks to home owners.
It was not intended to prop up, embellish or give money to already thriving companies who stamp their feet and hold city leaders hostage.
This move, even though it was an application is indicative of employers in this region. Oh they’ll be the sainted job creators but NOT WITH THEIR OWN money.
Yet when they do get government, tax supported funds, where does it go?
Into their profits.
Yeah let’s salute The Guard!
By the way, The Guard is affiliated with Berkshire Hathaway owned by billionaire Warren Buffet.
Hmm, maybe Buffett just sells his name to franchisees like the guy he criticized in the Presidential campaign.
Bad move that holds the city of Wilkes Barr hostage and screws taxpayers.


Congressman John Lewis called President Elect Trump the other day an illegitimate President. He cited the interference of Russia in the election and Trump’s tacit support of Republican efforts to divide the country. Lewis will not attend the Inauguration.
Trump in kind responded on Twitter telling Lewis to take care of his own district. Wow! This President can yell insults at others but say one word and he gets his back up.
Here’s my take on Lewis’ comments and illegitimacy. For the GOP to get insulted about that word is laughable when it was Trump who brought up President Obama’s organ of birth.
It was also the GOP House and Senate that never passed any bill from The White House, even stuff they agreed with .
So if they get their little feelings hurt by John Lewis, after what they did for 8 years, they are indeed petty fools.


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