Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The LuLac Edition #668, Dec. 16th, 2008



It seems the President-Elect has taken a safe but steady form of strategy in employing a Cabinet. The choices reflect a type of pragmatism not seen since the days of FDR. Obama has put in place a team of strong individuals, a few who under different circumstances could have been President themselves. This will be a strong group of people willing to give opinions but knowledgable enough to recognize that Obama is at the top of the food chain. The Cabinet picks have inspired confidence in the new administration and even a level of excitement as we draw near Jan. 20th and the start of a new era.

LOKUTA FOR.........?

Some of the posters to this blog have seemed to start a grass roots effort to get Judge Ann Lokuta into one of the county row office races. The favorite pick seems to be for Prothonotary. Whether the barred Judge would have an interest is open to conjecture but it seems people, some people are willing to support someone who has a reputation for shaking things up.


So President Bush goes on a final tour of Iraq and gets a pair of shoes thrown at him. The President ducked very well, bobbing and weaving like Ali in his prime. I guess he expected a bigger thank you from the Iraq people for depleting their water supply, having sporadic electricity a few hours a day and destroying half of the infrastructure of the country. Hey, good thing he didn't get his hands on their economy, financial institutions and any rebuilding programs. "Nice job there, Bushie". For our President, a tribute from K.C. and the Sunshine Band.


At 5:15 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Throwing shoes is a disrespectful cultural action in Iraq.

W should have blocked it with the Koran.

Keep Gitmo open!

At 12:19 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

a cabinet full of leaders and no followers... you think that is gonna be good? just wait and see. this is going to make the w.'s presidency appear to have been one of the best in our nation. i am sorry to say, having voted for obama i want my vote back... he is not leading, he is not setting the agenda he ran on... he is as bill clinton put it a chicago political thug... i was one of those caught up in the glowing oratory only to realize now that you can't shit don't shine no matter how pretty you say it is....

At 7:19 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Honestly I went with McCain and I'm not sure his appointments would be much better.

Perhaps now that Barrack is getting "reality briefed" he is responding in the only appropriate way.

Only time will tell.

Let me know when its time to exhale.


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