Saturday, September 18, 2010

The LuLac Edition #1303, Sept. 18th, 2010



This week’s Interview segment is a composite of a few people I spoke with at last night’s Blog Social at Rooney’s in Pittston.
Q: What are you hearing on the election?
A: What am I hearing, it’s more like what am I not hearing. My God people are energized.
A: Yes you are right but I’m not sure that the energy is positive.
A: No way is it positive energy unless you want to throw everyone out. But in a way that is positive because people want a change.
Q: But they wanted a change the last time?
A: They sure got it but don’t forget people in the country are used to instant actions.
A:Right, right, I think TV had a lot to do with that.
Q: But the change you speak of, at least to me doesn’t seem to be backed up by a lot of alternative action. Are you hearing any ideas from the outsiders?

A: They don’t have to have ideas because people are mad. They are voting emotionally.
A: Yeah I agree with that. I think people are so scared they just want to lash out.
Q: But the Tea Party people are made up of people who are not starving, not poor. I mean that’s not what revolutions are based on are they?
A: In a way you are correct. But people who are active are fed up with what they perceive to be the haves and have nots.
A: Yeah, I bust my ass to make $40,000 a year and these politicians and lobbyists get nearly $150,000. That’s not fair.
Q: True but for years we let these guys do this. And not just Harrisburg but all over.
A: Like the Mid Valley administrator retiring with $700,000 a year or whatever.
Q: But they were in place. You just can’t take it back can you?
A: Damn right we can.
A: Yeah they did it California in that town where they had huge pensions.
A: I think if it’s bad enough things can be rolled back.
Q: Obvious question, will all of you be voting this year?
A: We’re not only voting we’re working for candidates of our choice.
Q: Who are you going for?
A: Scavo.
A: Mundy and Kanjorski.
A: Urban.
Q: Interesting. As a Democrat will Mundy and Kanjorski have a problem because of the anti incumbent fever?
A: Possibly that’s why I’m working very hard.
A: Who’s Mundy?
Q: The rep in the 120th District, you’re focused on your Scavo’s race in Lackawanna County so I’ll give you a pass.
A: Okay.
Q: Ever been this involved before?
A: Never.
A: I was raising my kids.
A: I’m a Democrat and I think Kanjorski and Mundy still have a little fight left in them.
Q: Any predictions on how this is going to end?
A: I don’t know but I can tell you that this is unlike anything I’ve ever been involved in. People are mad.
Q: But they can’t articulate why they’re mad?
A: Yes.
A: And that’s the most dangerous kind of anger there is.
Q: Why is that?
A: Because it comes from a sense of despair. I know, I’m divorced and I feel exactly the same way I did when I was breaking up with my spouse. I was mad. And that anger spawned action.
A: Yeah I see the point. People are unhappy and they don’t feel the need to justify why because they get the sense that government doesn’t justify what it does.
Q: Yes it does, it’s called a political campaign and whether you know it, like it or hate it my friends, you are in the very thick of it.
A: Yeah you’re right.
A: Now which one are you? Gort or Valenti?
Q: I’m LuLac. Those guys are over there.
A: Oh I read your stuff.
A: Me too. You look more…….
Q: Good looking in person?
A: No, I can’t articulate it.
Q: How about I look more tired in person?
A: Yeah, you do look tired.
A: Yes you do. As a matter of fact you look exhausted.
A: See, we tired you out.
Q: I’m sure you’re only starting to exhaust people?
A: Really?
Q: Really.


At 8:20 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congrats on Bloggers Night Out. I think its a great idea and something that I hope will grow. In this Country, where everybodys choosing sides, opportunities for intelligent exchange are so important. There is common ground somewhere on at least some things, isnt there? Compromise is a lost art that needs to be rediscovered. Your interview shows the anger and confusion and the desire to do something about it so many people now feel. You guys provide an avenue and thats a start.
Get some rest and keep at it.


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