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The LuLac Edition #3406, January 16th, 2017


Eugene Cernan. (Photo: NASA)
US astronaut Eugene Cernan, the last man to set foot on the moon, died Monday at age 82, NASA and his family announced. Cernan was the spacecraft commander of Apollo 17 -- his third space flight and the last scheduled US manned mission to the moon -- in December 1972.
"We are saddened by the loss of retired NASA astronaut Gene Cernan, the last man to walk on the moon," the US space agency said on Twitter. According to a family statement released by NASA, Cernan, a retired naval officer, died following ongoing health issues.
He traveled into space three times: as Pilot of Gemini 9A in June 1966, as Lunar Module Pilot of Apollo 10 in May 1969, and as Commander of Apollo 17 in December 1972, the final Apollo lunar landing. On Apollo 17, Cernan became the eleventh person to walk on the Moon and the most recent man to walk on the Moon, since he was the last to re-enter the Lunar Module Challenger after the mission's third and final extravehicular activity (EVA). Cernan was also a backup crew member for the Gemini 12, Apollo 7 and Apollo 14 space missions. (NASA, Yahoo, wikipedia)


Going through the entire imbroglio over the Donald Trump/John Lewis Twitter reactions I have come with up with a conclusion. Trump maybe didn’t realize who John Lewis was in a historical context.
Again, the man has no foundational knowledge of American history. 

Congressman Matt Cartwright (Photo: LuLac archives)
U.S. Congressman Matt Cartwright announced his subcommittee assignments for the House Committee on Appropriations. Cartwright will serve on the Commerce, Justice, and Science (CJS) Subcommittee and the Financial Services and General Government (FSGG) Subcommittee.
Rep. Cartwright said, “I intend to use my voice and vote on the Appropriations Committee to protect the health and retirement security of my constituents and to help spur economic growth in the 17th congressional district.”
The agencies the Commerce, Justice, and Science (CJS) Subcommittee provides funding for include the Department of Commerce, the Department of Justice, NASA, National Science Foundation, Office of Science and Technology Policy, International Trade Commission, and the U.S. Trade Representative.
The Economic Development Administration (EDA) within the Department of Commerce provides public works grants for redevelopment projects and regional economic planning, and works directly with local and regional officials and business owners to address the economic needs of communities. The EDA also includes programs to encourage U.S. firms to relocate manufacturing jobs back to the U.S.
“The EDA is unique in that it is focused solely on private sector job creation and economic growth in distressed areas,” said Rep. Cartwright. “The EDA has a record of growing high-quality jobs in areas such as advanced manufacturing and technology, and it can provide grants to older-economy cities and towns when they press forward with new development ideas.”
Also within the Department of Commerce, the Subcommittee will oversee and fund agencies and programs like the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and its role to keep businesses competitive. The independent National Science Foundation is responsible for increasing the number of students who complete education degrees in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics and developing innovation in manufacturing.
Veterans’ Treatment Courts, which are hybrid Drug and Mental Health Courts that use the Drug Court model to serve veterans struggling with addiction, serious mental illness and/or co-occurring disorders, are also under the jurisdiction of the Subcommittee.
“The CJS Subcommittee will provide me with the opportunity to support and strengthen Veterans’ treatment courts, which promote sobriety, recovery, and stability” said Rep. Cartwright.
Other key Department of Justice programs include the Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS), which provides grants to police departments for additional officers. The COPS Hiring program has placed over 115,000 officers in communities across the U.S. to advance community policing and anti-crime programs.
“The COPS Office and its programs keep our communities safe by providing invaluable law enforcement resources to state and local law enforcement agencies,” said Rep. Cartwright.
The Financial Services and General Government (FSGG) Subcommittee has jurisdiction over the Department of the Treasury, the Judiciary and federal courts system, Executive Office of President, the District of Columbia, Securities and Exchange Commission, Small Business Administration (SBA), Federal Trade Commission (FTC), the Federal Labor Relations Authority, and the Office of Personnel Management and federal employee pension systems, among other agencies.
Within the Treasury Department, the Subcommittee will oversee and fund agencies and programs like the Community Development Financial Institutions Fund, which helps banks, credit unions, and venture capital funds finance affordable housing construction and small business expansion by both grants and administration of the New Markets Tax Credit. The Subcommittee also oversees the Small Business Administration’s (SBA) Business Loans Program.
“My role on the Financial Services Subcommittee will be to require that Wall Street helps Main Street, and not the other way around,” Rep. Cartwright said.


At 7:19 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

John Lewis may have been involved and around greatness, but that doesn't make it him a great man. And no matter who he was, today he is a dottering, blithering old fool.

Boycotting an inauguration, is not a protest of the person, it is a protest of our system of gov't. One, which this fuckwad has benefited from immensely.

He is so mad about these email being hacked and released, what he, not any other moron with an IQ below 30 doesn't get is that Hillary still won the popular vote. The release of emails did not sway the majority of voters.

It is also funny, how Mr. Lewis is not indignant about what was contained in those emails. The fact that it was revealed that his own party swayed the primary election in favor of a candidate.

No that would require intellectual honesty.

We didn't care how the pentagon papers were released, we didn't care who "deep throat" was, we were concerned what the information was - this time the democrats focus on who released the information, unclassified, no governmental information, instead of what the information actually stated.

Congressman Lewis please do what you, and your brethren in congress have been doing to the American people for decades - go fuck yourself

At 7:57 AM, Blogger David Yonki said...

Boycotting an inauguration, is not a protest of the person, it is a protest of our system of gov't. One, which this fuckwad has benefited from immensely.


First off, I'd stack up his intellect with any one of us.
Second, so he hasn't the right to protest against a system of government or party or individual................BUT the union members, people with patronage jobs here in LuLac land, people who benefited from Democratic political connections, it's okay for those as you say, not me, fuckwads to do that?


Congressman Lewis please do what you, and your brethren in congress have been doing to the American people for decades - go fuck yourself.

Seems to me you have to include the GOP majorities who have blocked immigration reform, gun safety, adjustments to the health care system, shut down the government a few times and have even blocked things that their own party wanted because of opposition to a different President of party and color.

At 8:31 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

More than likely he did not know who Lewis is.
IN our past Republicans have skipped Democrat Presidential Inaugurals and vice-versa....I believe the reason this is receiving such publicity is because of the Lewis comments and Trump's response.

At 8:40 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I do include both parties, that is why I did not specify dem or rep...

He has a right to protest, but he is protesting what he himself has failed to change in 30 years in office.

As far as intellect. He has degrees in fantastical mysticism. Nothing intellectual about that.

At 9:02 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why is it whenever your take a side, and a republican majority opposes a democratic president they are obstructionist, but when a democratic majority opposes a republican president they are principled?

At 12:05 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

According to this: I'm a right winger. I'd thought I'd feel guilty. Nope.

Source of Human Rights

Left: government
Right: the Creator

Human Nature

Left: basically good (Therefore, society is primarily responsible for evil.
Right: not basically good (Therefore, the individual is primarily responsible for evil.)

Economic Goal

Left: equality
Right: prosperity

Primary Role of the State

Left: increase and protect equality
Right: increase and protect liberty


Left: as large as possible
Right: as small as possible

Family Ideal

Left: any loving unit of people
Right: a married father and mother, and children

Guiding Trinity

Left: race, gender and class
Right: liberty, In God We Trust and e pluribus unum

Good and Evil

Left: relative to individual and/or society
Right: based on universal absolutes

Humanity's Primary Division(s)

Left: rich and poor; strong and weak
Right: good and evil

Ideal Primary Identity of an American

Left: world citizen
Right: American citizen

How to Make a Good Society

Left: abolish inequality
Right: develop each citizen's moral character

View of America

Left: profoundly morally flawed; inferior to any number of European countries
Right: greatest force for good among nations in world history


Left: a social construct
Right: male and female

Most Important Trait to Cultivate in a Child

Left: self-esteem
Right: self-control

Worth of the Human Fetus

Left: determined by the mother
Right: determined by society rooted in Judeo-Christian values

Primary Source of Crime

Left: poverty, racism and other societal flaws
Right: the criminal's malfunctioning conscience

Place of God and Religion in America

Left: secular government and secular society
Right: secular government and religious society

American Exceptionalism

Left: chauvinistic doctrine
Right: historical reality

Greatest Threat to the World

Left: environmental catastrophe (currently global warming)
Right: evil (currently radical Islamist violence)

International Ideal

Left: world governed by the United Nations, and no single country is dominant
Right: world in which America is the single strongest entity

Primary Reason for Lack of Peace in Middle East

Left: Israeli settlements in the West Bank
Right: Palestinian, Arab and Muslim denial of Jewish state's right to exist

Purpose of Art

Left: challenge status quo and bourgeois sensibilities
Right: produce works of beauty and profundity to elevate the individual and society


Left: ideally universally abolished, except for use by police, the armed forces and registered sportsmen
Right: ideally widely owned by responsible individuals for self-protection and the protection of others


Left: intrinsically significant
Right: intrinsically insignificant

Racial, Ethnic and Gender Diversity at Universities

Left: most important
Right: far less important than ideological diversity

Black America's Primary Problem

Left: racism
Right: lack of fathers

Greatest Playwright

Left: entirely subjective; there is no greatest playwright
Right: Shakespeare


Left: not the answer
Right: sometimes the only answer


Left: wrong, except when directed at the political
Right: wrong, except when directed at evil


Left: all equal
Right: some are better than others

America's Founding Fathers

Left: rich white male slave owners
Right: great men who founded the greatest society

Purpose of Judges

Left: pursue social justice
Right: pursue justice

National Borders

Left: a relic of the past
Right: indispensable for national survival

View of Illegal Immigrants

Left: welcomed guests
Right: illegal immigrants


Left: intrinsically valuable
Right: made for man

At 12:06 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lewis lost his connection to the values of MLK so long ago he can no longer recall what they were.

At 5:44 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

“My role on the Financial Services Subcommittee will be to require that Wall Street helps Main Street, and not the other way around,” Rep. Cartwright said.

Hey CartWRONG!
I give Wall Street MY money and expect them to live up to their fiduciary duty which is to take care of it and make more money for me! Main Street used to be capable of taking care of itself.
Time to let them.
Get the "F#$%" out of the street and clear the way, dork because you just illustrated you don't have a clue.


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