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The LuLac Edition #3745, March 31st, 2018


Johnson prior to the speech. (Photo: LBJ Library)
It was fifty years ago this evening that President Lyndon Johnson made the bombshell announcement during a speech he was giving on national TV.  Johnson said at the end of the talk that he wasn’t going to run for re-election.
Sunday nights were usually speeches of great import back in the day of three networks. My favorite show at the time, “The Smothers Brothers" `was preempted as LBJ talked about the war. Just earlier in the month, Johnson was shocked by the 42% garnered by upstart Gene McCarthy in New Hampshire. Johnson won the primary as a write in but the blow was psychological. A few days later, LBJ’s arch enemy Robert Kennedy entered the race. So now, as he gave this speech, he was being double teamed on the left. At the time of the speech, Johnson was beleaguered. He was worried about his legacy and place in history. Plus the toll of the soldiers dying in a war his administration had been lying about was getting to him.
The next day at school, my best friend David Dellarte asked a question I hadn’t even considered. “What about Hubert?” In Johnson’s absence, HHH would join the fray. Even before this news settled in though, not more than a week later, Martin Luther King, Junior was gunned down in Memphis.
The LBJ announcement was just another in a series of tumultuous events that rocked America in 1968.

From Voices of Democracy…the text of the speech.

Good evening, my fellow Americans:
Tonight I want to speak to you of peace in Vietnam and Southeast Asia.
No other question so preoccupies our people. No other dream so absorbs the 250 million human beings who live in that part of the world. No other goal motivates American policy in Southeast Asia.
For years, representatives of our Governments and others have traveled the world–seeking to find a basis for peace talks.
Since last September, they have carried the offer that I made public at San Antonio. And that offer was this:
That the United States would stop its bombardment of North Vietnam when that would lead promptly to productive discussions—and that we would assume that North Vietnam would not take military advantage of our restraint.
Hanoi denounced this offer, both privately and publicly. Even while the search for peace was going on, North Vietnam rushed their preparations for a savage assault on the people, the government, and the allies of South Vietnam.
Their attack—during the Tet holidays—failed to achieve its principal objectives.
It did not collapse the elected government of South Vietnam or shatter its army–as the Communists had hoped.
It did not produce a “general uprising” among the people of the cities as they had predicted.
The Communists were unable to maintain control of any of the more than 30 cities that they attacked. And they took very heavy casualties.
But they did compel the South Vietnamese and their allies to move certain forces from the countryside into the cities.
They caused widespread disruption and suffering. Their attacks, and the battles that followed, made refugees of half a million human beings.
The Communists may renew their attack any day.
They are, it appears, trying to make 1968 the year of decision in South Vietnam–the year that brings, if not final victory or defeat, at least a turning point in the struggle.
This much is clear:
If they do mount another round of heavy attacks, they will not succeed in destroying the fighting power of South Vietnam and its allies.
But tragically, this is also clear: Many men–on both sides of the struggle–will be lost. A nation that has already suffered 20 years of warfare will suffer once again. Armies on both sides will take new casualties. And the war will go on.
There is no need for this to be so.
There is no need to delay the talks that could bring an end to this long and this bloody war.
Tonight, I renew the offer I made last August–to stop the bombardment of North Vietnam. We ask that talks begin promptly, that they be serious talks on the substance of peace. We assume that during those talks Hanoi will not take advantage of our restraint.
We are prepared to move immediately toward peace through negotiations.
So, tonight, in the hope that this action will lead to early talks, I am taking the first step to deescalate the conflict. We are reducing-substantially reducing–the present level of hostilities.
And we are doing so unilaterally, and at once.
Tonight, I have ordered our aircraft and our naval vessels to make no attacks on North Vietnam, except in the area north of the demilitarized zone where the continuing enemy buildup directly threatens allied forward positions and where the movements of their troops and supplies are clearly related to that threat.
The area in which we are stopping our attacks includes almost 90 percent of North Vietnam’s population, and most of its territory. Thus there will be no attacks around the principal populated areas, or in the food-producing areas of North Vietnam.
Even this very limited bombing of the North could come to an early end–if our restraint is matched by restraint in Hanoi. But I cannot in good conscience stop all bombing so long as to do so would immediately and directly endanger the lives of our men and our allies. Whether a complete bombing halt becomes possible in the future will be determined by events.
Our purpose in this action is to bring about a reduction in the level of violence that now exists.
It is to save the lives of brave men–and to save the lives of innocent women and children. It is to permit the contending forces to move closer to a political settlement.
And tonight, I call upon the United Kingdom and I call upon the Soviet Union–as cochairmen of the Geneva Conferences, and as permanent members of the United Nations Security Council–to do all they can to move from the unilateral act of deescalation that I have just announced toward genuine peace in Southeast Asia.
Now, as in the past, the United States is ready to send its representatives to any forum, at any time, to discuss the means of bringing this ugly war to an end.
I am designating one of our most distinguished Americans, Ambassador Averell Harriman, as my personal representative for such talks. In addition, I have asked Ambassador Llewellyn Thompson, who returned from Moscow for consultation, to be available to join Ambassador Harriman at Geneva or any other suitable place–just as soon as Hanoi agrees to a conference.
I call upon President Ho Chi Minh to respond positively, and favorably, to this new step toward peace.
But if peace does not come now through negotiations, it will come when Hanoi understands that our common resolve is unshakable, and our common strength is invincible.
Tonight, we and the other allied nations are contributing 600,000 fighting men to assist 700,000 South Vietnamese troops in defending their little country.
Our presence there has always rested on this basic belief: The main burden of preserving their freedom must be carried out by them–by the South Vietnamese themselves.
We and our allies can only help to provide a shield behind which the people of South Vietnam can survive and can grow and develop. On their efforts–on their determination and resourcefulness–the outcome will ultimately depend.
That small, beleaguered nation has suffered terrible punishment for more than 20 years.
I pay tribute once again tonight to the great courage and the endurance of its people. South Vietnam supports armed forces tonight of almost 700,000 men–and I call your attention to the fact that that is the equivalent of more than 10 million in our own population. Its people maintain their firm determination to be free of domination by the North.
There has been substantial progress, I think, in building a durable government during these last 3 years. The South Vietnam of 1965 could not have survived the enemy’s Tet offensive of 1968. The elected government of South Vietnam survived that attack–and is rapidly repairing the devastation that it wrought.
The South Vietnamese know that further efforts are going to be required:
–to expand their own armed forces,
–to move back into the countryside as quickly as possible,
–to increase their taxes,
–to select the very best men that they have for civil and military responsibility,
–to achieve a new unity within their constitutional government, and
–to include in the national effort all those groups who wish to preserve South Vietnam’s control over its own destiny.
Last week President Thieu ordered the mobilization of 135,000 additional South Vietnamese. He plans to reach–as soon as possible–a total military strength of more than 800,000 men.
To achieve this, the Government of South Vietnam started the drafting of 19-year-olds on March 1st. On May 1st, the Government will begin the drafting of 18-year-olds.
Last month, 10,000 men volunteered for military service–that was two and a half times the number of volunteers during the same month last year. Since the middle of January, more than 48,000 South Vietnamese have joined the armed forces–and nearly half of them volunteered to do so.
All men in the South Vietnamese armed forces have had their tours of duty extended for the duration of the war, and reserves are now being called up for immediate active duty.
President Thieu told his people last week, I quote, “We must make greater efforts and accept more sacrifices because, as I have said many times, this is our country. The existence of our nation is at stake, and this is mainly a Vietnamese responsibility.”
He warned his people that a major national effort is required to root out corruption and incompetence at all levels of government.
 We applaud this evidence of determination on the part of South Vietnam. Our first priority will be to support their effort.
 We shall accelerate the reequipment of South Vietnam’s armed forces–in order to meet the enemy’s increased firepower. And this will enable them progressively to undertake a larger share of combat operations against the Communist invaders.
On many occasions I have told the American people that we would send to Vietnam those forces that are required to accomplish our mission there. So, with that as our guide, we have previously authorized a force level of approximately 525,000.
Some weeks ago–to help meet the enemy’s new offensive–we sent to Vietnam about 11,000 additional Marine and airborne troops. They were deployed by air in 48 hours, on an emergency basis. But the artillery, tank, aircraft, medical, and other units that were needed to work with and to support these infantry troops in combat could not then accompany them by air on that short notice.
In order that these forces may reach maximum combat effectiveness, the Joint Chiefs of Staff have recommended to me that we should prepare to send–during the next 5 months–the support troops totaling approximately 13,500 men.
A portion of these men will be made available from our active forces. The balance will come from reserve component units which will be called up for service.
The actions that we have taken since the beginning of the year
–to reequip the South Vietnamese forces,
–to meet our responsibilities in Korea, as well as our responsibilities in Vietnam,
–to meet price increases and the cost of activating and deploying reserve forces,
–to replace helicopters and provide the other military supplies we need,
all of these actions are going to require additional expenditures.
The tentative estimate of those additional expenditures is $2.5 billion in this fiscal year, and $2.6 billion in the next fiscal year.
These projected increases in expenditures for our national security will bring into sharper focus the Nation’s need for immediate action: action to protect the prosperity of the American people and to protect the strength and the stability of our American dollar.
On many occasions I have pointed out that, without a tax bill or decreased expenditures, next year’s deficit would again be around $20 billion. I have emphasized the need to set strict priorities in our spending. I have stressed that failure to act and to act promptly and decisively would raise very strong doubts throughout the world about America’s willingness to keep its financial house in order.
Yet Congress has not acted. And tonight we face the sharpest financial threat in the postwar era–a threat to the dollar’s role as the keystone of international trade and finance in the world.
Last week, at the monetary conference in Stockholm, the major industrial countries decided to take a big step toward creating a new international monetary asset that will strengthen the international monetary system. I am very proud of the very able work done by Secretary Fowler and Chairman Martin of the Federal Reserve Board.
But to make this system work the United States just must bring its balance of payments to–or very close to–equilibrium. We must have a responsible fiscal policy in this country. The passage of a tax bill now, together with expenditure control that the Congress may desire and dictate, is absolutely necessary to protect this Nation’s security, to continue our prosperity, and to meet the needs of our people.
Now, what is at stake is 7 years of unparalleled prosperity. In those 7 years, the real income of the average American, after taxes, rose by almost 30 percent–a gain as large as that of the entire preceding 19 years.
So the steps that we must take to convince the world are exactly the steps we must take to sustain our own economic strength here at home. In the past 8 months, prices and interest rates have risen because of our inaction.
We must, therefore, now do everything we can to move from debate to action–from talking to voting. And there is, I believe–I hope there is–in both Houses of the Congress–a growing sense of urgency that this situation just must be acted upon and must be corrected.
My budget in January, we thought, was a tight one. It fully reflected our evaluation of most of the demanding needs of this Nation.
But in these budgetary matters, the President does not decide alone. The Congress has the power and the duty to determine appropriations and taxes.
And the Congress is now considering our proposals and they are considering reductions in the budget that we submitted.
As part of a program of fiscal restraint that includes the tax surcharge, I shall approve appropriate reductions in the January budget when and if Congress so decides that that should be done.
One thing is unmistakably clear, however: Our deficit just must be reduced. Failure to act could bring on conditions that would strike hardest at those people that all of us are trying so hard to help.
[So, these times call for prudence in this land of plenty. And I believe that we have the character to provide it, and tonight I plead with the Congress and with the people to act promptly to serve the national interest, and thereby serve all of our people.
Now let me give you my estimate of the chances for peace:
–the peace that will one day stop the bloodshed in South Vietnam,
–that will–all the Vietnamese people–be permitted to rebuild and develop their land,
–that will permit us to turn more fully to our own tasks here at home.
I cannot promise that the initiative that I have announced tonight will be completely successful in achieving peace any more than the 30 others that we have undertaken and agreed to in recent years.
But it is our fervent hope that North Vietnam, after years of fighting that has left the issue unresolved, will now cease its efforts to achieve a military victory and will join with us in moving toward the peace table.
And there may come a time when South Vietnamese–on both sides–are able to work out a way to settle their own differences by free political choice rather than by war.
As Hanoi considers its course, it should be in no doubt of our intentions. It must not miscalculate the pressures within our democracy in this election year.
We have no intention of widening this war.
But the United States will never accept a fake solution to this long and arduous struggle and call it peace.
 No one can foretell the precise terms of an eventual settlement.
Our objective in South Vietnam has never been the annihilation of the enemy. It has been to bring about a recognition in Hanoi that its objective–taking over the South by force–could not be achieved.
We think that peace can be based on the Geneva Accords of 1954–under political conditions that permit the South Vietnamese–all the South Vietnamese–to chart their course free of any outside domination or interference, from us or from anyone else.
So tonight I reaffirm the pledge that we made at Manila–that we are prepared to withdraw our forces from South Vietnam as the other side withdraws its forces to the north, stops the infiltration, and the level of violence thus subsides.
Our goal of peace and self-determination in Vietnam is directly related to the future of all of Southeast Asia–where much has happened to inspire confidence during the past 10 years. We have done all that we knew how to do to contribute and to help build that confidence.
A number of its nations have shown what can be accomplished under conditions of security. Since 1966, Indonesia, the fifth largest nation in all the world, with a population of more than 100 million people, has had a government that is dedicated to peace with its neighbors and improved conditions for its own people. Political and economic cooperation between nations has grown rapidly.
 And I think every American can take a great deal of pride in the role that we have played in bringing this about in Southeast Asia. We can rightly judge–as responsible Southeast Asians themselves do–that the progress of the past 3 years would have been far less likely–if not completely impossible–if America’s sons and others had not made their stand in Vietnam.
 At Johns Hopkins University, about 3 years ago, I announced that the United States would take part in the great work of developing Southeast Asia, including the Mekong Valley, for all the people of that region. Our determination to help build a better land-a better land for men on both sides of the present conflict–has not diminished in the least. Indeed, the ravages of war, I think, have made it more urgent than ever.
So, I repeat on behalf of the United States again tonight what I said at Johns Hopkins–that North Vietnam could take its place in this common effort just as soon as peace comes.
Over time, a wider framework of peace and security in Southeast Asia may become possible. The new cooperation of the nations of the area could be a foundation-stone. Certainly friendship with the nations of such a Southeast Asia is what the United States seeks–and that is all that the United States seeks.
One day, my fellow citizens, there will be peace in Southeast Asia.
 It will come because the people of Southeast Asia want it–those whose armies are at war tonight, those who, though threatened, have thus far been spared.
Peace will come because Asians were willing to work for it–and to sacrifice for it-and to die by the thousands for it.
 But let it never be forgotten: Peace will come also because America sent her sons to help secure it.
 It has not been easy–far from it. During the past 4½ years, it has been my fate and my responsibility to be Commander in Chief. I have lived—daily and nightly–with the cost of this war. I know the pain that it has inflicted. I know, perhaps better than anyone, the misgivings that it has aroused.
Throughout this entire, long period, I have been sustained by a single principle: that what we are doing now, in Vietnam, is vital not only to the security of Southeast Asia, but it is vital to the security of every American.
Surely we have treaties which we must respect. Surely we have commitments that we are going to keep. Resolutions of the Congress testify to the need to resist aggression in the world and in Southeast Asia.
But the heart of our involvement in South Vietnam–under three different presidents, three separate administrations–has always been America’s own security.
And the larger purpose of our involvement has always been to help the nations of Southeast Asia become independent and stand alone, self-sustaining, as members of a great world community–at peace with themselves, at peace with all others.
And with such an Asia, our country–and the world–will be far more secure than it is tonight.
I believe that a peaceful Asia is far nearer to reality because of what America has done in Vietnam. I believe that the men who endure the dangers of battle there–fighting there for us tonight–are helping the entire world avoid far greater conflicts, far wider wars, far more destruction, than this one.
 The peace that will bring them home someday will come. Tonight I have offered the first in what I hope will be a series of mutual moves toward peace.
I pray that it will not be rejected by the leaders of North Vietnam. I pray that they will accept it as a means by which the sacrifices of their own people may be ended. And I ask your help and your support, my fellow citizens, for this effort to reach across the battlefield toward an early peace.
Finally, my fellow Americans, let me say this:
 Of those to whom much is given, much is asked. I cannot say and no man could say that no more will be asked of us.
Yet, I believe that now, no less than when the decade began, this generation of Americans is willing to “pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe to assure the survival and the success of liberty.”
Since those words were spoken by John F. Kennedy, the people of America have kept that compact with mankind’s noblest cause.
And we shall continue to keep it.
Yet, I believe that we must always be mindful of this one thing, whatever the trials and the tests ahead. The ultimate strength of our country and our cause will lie not in powerful weapons or infinite resources or boundless wealth, but will lie in the unity of our people.
This I believe very deeply.
Throughout my entire public career I have followed the personal philosophy that I am a free man, an American, a public servant, and a member of my party, in that order always and only.
For 37 years in the service of our Nation, first as a Congressman, as a Senator, and as Vice President, and now as your President, I have put the unity of the people first. I have put it ahead of any divisive partisanship.
And in these times as in times before, it is true that a house divided against itself by the spirit of faction, of party, of region, of religion, of race, is a house that cannot stand.
There is division in the American house now. There is divisiveness among us all tonight. And holding the trust that is mine, as President of all the people, I cannot disregard the peril to the progress of the American people and the hope and the prospects of peace for all peoples.
 So, I would ask all Americans, whatever their personal interests or concern, to guard against divisiveness and all of its ugly consequences.
Fifty-two months and 10 days ago, in a moment of tragedy and trauma, the duties of this office fell upon me. I asked then for your help and God’s, that we might continue America on its course, binding up our wounds, healing our history, moving forward in new unity, to clear the American agenda and to keep the American commitment for all of our people.
United we have kept that commitment. And united we have enlarged that commitment.
And through all time to come, I think America will be a stronger nation, a more just society, and a land of greater opportunity and fulfillment because of what we have all done together in these years of unparalleled achievement.
Our reward will come in the life of freedom, peace, and hope that our children will enjoy through ages ahead.
What we won when all of our people united just must not now be lost in suspicion, and distrust, and selfishness, and politics among any of our people.
And believing this as I do, I have concluded that I should not permit the Presidency to become involved in the partisan divisions that are developing in this political year.
With America’s sons in the fields far away, with America’s future under challenge right here at home, with our hopes and the world’s hopes for peace in the balance every day, I do not believe that I should devote an hour or a day of my time to any personal partisan causes or to any duties other than the awesome duties of this office–the Presidency of your country.
Accordingly, I shall not seek, and I will not accept, the nomination of my party for another term as your President.
But let men everywhere know, however, that a strong, and a confident, and a vigilant America stands ready tonight to seek an honorable peace–and stands ready tonight to defend an honored cause–whatever the price, whatever the burden, whatever the sacrifice that duty may require.
hank you for listening.
Good night and God bless all of you.

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The LuLac Edition #3744, March 29th, 2018

Laura Ingraham and David Hogg (Photo: ABC Eyewitness News)
Some big name advertisers began dropping Fox News personality Laura Ingraham after she criticized one of the Florida school shooting victims on social media.
Ingraham, a huge Trump defender, wrote on Twitter "David Hogg Rejected By Four Colleges To Which He Applied and whines about it."
Hey Twitter dee and Twitter dumb, heyna.
Ingraham, a right wing host apparently met her match in Hogg who on Twitter listed many of her sponsors. Apparently Laura should have known that you don’t mess with teens and social media.
Pick a number at random, Hogg suggested, and contact the company next to it.
Pick a number 1-12 contact the company next to that #
Top Laura Ingraham Advertisers
1. @sleepnumber
2. @ATT
3. Nutrish
4. @Allstate & @esurance
5. @Bayer
6. @RocketMortgage Mortgage
7. @LibertyMutual
8. @Arbys
9. @TripAdvisor
10. @Nestle
11. @hulu
12. @Wayfair
— David Hogg (@davidhogg111) March 29, 2018
At first right wingers came after Hogg for stifling free speech. But then when the advertisers bolted, they said that it was not good business to have a political opinion and THEY, the right wing would not support said advertisers. As usual, trying to play both sides.
In the meantime, Ingaham used Holy Week as a way to get out of this fix. “On reflection, in the spirit of Holy Week, I apologize for any upset or hurt my tweet caused him or any of the brave victims of Parkland,” Ingraham tweeted. LMAO@ at the Fox Trump network!

The President and Stormy Daniels (Photo: CNN)
White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders ripped reporters on Tuesday for their focus on Stormy Daniels as she fielded multiple questions about why President Trump has not addressed allegations that he had an affair with the adult-film actress.
Reporters peppered Sanders with questions about whether Trump knew about a $130,000 payment from his attorney, Michael Cohen, to Daniels to not talk about the alleged affair and why the president has remained silent on the matter.
Sanders referred questions about the payment to Cohen, who has said he paid out of his own pocket and was not reimbursed and that the president and campaign did not know about the payment.
But after The Wall Street Journal reported on the payment earlier this year, Daniels and her attorney sought to get out of the agreement to allow her to talk.That effort culminated in a "60 Minutes" interview on Sunday night in which Daniels laid out for the first time the details of an alleged sexual encounter with Trump in 2006.
The White House has said Trump denies the affair took place.
The President, who is known to attack his political enemies over Twitter, has not publicly responded to the interview.
Sanders said Tuesday that the President is too busy to respond to all of his critics. In terms of Daniels' claims, there are many who say she is lying. Well a few things here.
1. She provided details. People who are lying don't provide details that can be checked out. Her lawyer would not allow the story to get out if that were the case.
2. Trump has said nothing and one has to wonder why there is such silence when he is the king of the counter punch.
3. Daniels' Attorney has paralyzed the President it seems into fear. There is a lot more on that cutting room floor. Time will tell.
Meantime, one wonders why there is silence from The Donald. (AP, LuLac)


Linda Brown as a youngster (Photo:
Anyone who has studied history, knows the law or the Supreme Court heritage or was around for the struggles of the Civil Rights movement knows about Brown Vs. Education, the landmark decision from 1954 regarding equal rights for all Americans. What many people don’t realize is Brown involved a young child whose father filed suit for her to get the same education as others. That little girl, named Brown passed away this week at the age of 76.
The Kansas girl named Linda Brown was the centerpiece of the ruling that struck down racial segregation in schools. She was 76.
It happened in Topeka, Kansas when at that time their Sumner School was all-white. Her dad, Oliver, tried to enroll the family. He became lead plaintiff in the 1954 Brown v. Board of Education decision by the Supreme Court that ended school segregation.
The case was brought before the Supreme Court by the NAACP's legal arm to challenge segregation in public schools. Thurgood Marshall, later to become the first black Supreme Court Justice was the lead attorney. The lawsuit was joined with cases from Delaware, South Carolina, Virginia and the District of Columbia.
By the way, The Supreme Court ruled in May of ’54 unanimously that separating black and white children was unconstitutional because it denied black children the 14th Amendment's guarantee of equal protection under the law.
The Brown decisions, both legal and personal remind us that government institutions are there to make change if necessary. To act when there is intolerance or backward thinking. When a father wants a better or equal chance for his child to succeed.
Oliver Brown did that for his daughter. Her death this week reminds us of how one spark can ignite a fire. This time it ignited justice.

Luzerne County Courthouse (Photo: WBRE TV)
Luzerne County is proposing a $5.00 tax on all cars owned by citizens in the County. At first, when the idea was brought up a few years ago, to pay ff the debt, I was for it. But with the County doing okay enough to hand out generous raises to employees and especially management, I changed my mind. The smokescreen they are using are potholes. They say the money would go to fix potholes. Do they really think we are that stupid?
Right now, I'm with the people who say No. A resounding no to this scam on  the taxpayers.


The Present has increase sanctions on Russia and I think that's a good thing.  Say there is no Trump involvement in Russia, the fact that Trump now has sanctioned Russia is a signal that maybe he was too confident that Russia would be our friend. Perhaps the sanctions are a way to send a message to Putin and even the country that this President who never admits to a mistake, just might have made one by embracing the idea of a Putin American detente.


Congressman Matt Cartwright (Photo: LuLac archives)
Congressman Matt Cartwright is pleased to announce that the USDA is inviting applications for loan guarantees and grants for Renewable Energy Systems and Energy Efficiency Improvement Projects. These loan guarantees and grants are part of USDA’s Rural Energy for America Program (REAP), which was created under the 2008 Farm Bill and reauthorized under the 2014 Farm Bill. This notice seeks applications for FY 2018 funding. The deadline to apply for grants is April 30, 2018.
“Programs like REAP can help our agricultural producers and small businesses upgrade and innovate in ways that will help them cut costs and reduce their carbon footprint,” Rep. Cartwright said. “Too often, small businesses do not have access to the resources necessary for such purchases, and the loans and grants provided through the USDA can help make these changes possible.”
The USDA REAP program helps increase American energy independence by increasing the private sector supply of renewable energy and decreasing the demand for energy through energy efficiency improvements. Over time, these investments can help lower energy costs for small businesses and agricultural producers. Eligible systems may derive energy from wind, solar, hydro-electric, ocean, hydrogen, geothermal or renewable biomass.




This week's topic is suicide with Dawn Evans, Professor at Misericordia University. Tune in Sunday morning at 6 on 94.3 The Talker; 6:30 on 1400-The Game, NEPA's Fox .Sports Radio and 106.7 fm; and at 7:30 on 105 The River.


ECTV Live welcomes Tony Harding to the program during the week of April 2nd to note National Organ Donor month.
Harding will share his own story of the donation that saved\ his life.
ECTV Live can be seen on Comcast channel 19 (61 in some areas) and is aired during the Noon, 6pm and Midnight hours each day of the week. Following Monday's Live program the show will become available on Electric City Television's YouTube channel which can be viewed on your computer.


Want to hear some great parodies on the news? Tune in to WILK Radio at 6:40 and 8:40 AM on Mondays. As Ralph Cramden used to say, “It’s a laugh riot!”


Our 1960 logo

Four students at St. Mary's University, Texas-Orion Knox, Jr., Al Brandt, Preston Knodell and Jo Cantu—discovered the Natural Bridge Caverns in Comal County, Texas. As the largest known cave system in that state, the caverns are now a tourist attraction.......The last regularly scheduled service in America, of a passenger train powered by a steam engine, took place when Grand Trunk Western Railroad ran a steam locomotive for the last time, on a route between Detroit and Durand, Michigan ....................
Russell V. Mack (R-WA), U.S. Representative from Washington's 3rd congressional district, collapsed and died on the floor of the House of Representatives, apparently of a cerebral hemorrhage. The House had been completing a call for a quorum when Mack fell backward and struck his head on a seat. Three U.S. representatives who were also physicians-Thomas E. Morgan (D-PA), Dale Alford (D-AR), and Walter Judd (R-MN) attempted to render aid. Attending Physician of the United States Congress, Dr. George W. Calver, pronounced Mack dead a few minutes later.....The New York Times ran a full page advertisement on page L25, with the heading "Heed Their Rising Voices". Part of the ad referred to disturbances in Montgomery, Alabama and described actions by that city's police. One of the three City Commissioners of Montgomery, L.B. Sullivan, would bring a suit against the Times for libel and get a $500,000 judgment in an Alabama court......Senator Hugh Scott announces that he will vote to override President Eisenhower's veto of a Redevelopment Scranton Mayor Hanlon says that 1960 might be a Democratic year....and fifty eight years ago this week the number one song in LuLac land and America was "Green Fields" by The Brothers Four.


Today, President Eisenhower, our 34th Chief Executive and the savior of the world during WWII died. While we look at the events of 1960, we know that this pivotal year was the last year of Ike's term. You will see our Senator Hugh Scott, a Republican, battling Eisenhower on certain legislation. You'll hear about the Gary Powers incident and a few other things. But on this day in 1969, Eisenhower died after a long battle with heart disease. Here's how it was reported. 

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The LuLac Edition #3743, March 28th, 2018

I AM A MAN @ 50

(Photo: Ernest C. Withers)

One of the most contentious labor strikes happened fifty years ago and came to a crescendo on this date when an iconic photo was taken by Ernest C. Withers. He was the photographer for many of the famous moments in the history of the Civil Rights movement. In the city of Memphis, Tennessee, the labor movement and the civil rights movement came together in a monumental struggle for human and public employee rights. On February 11, over 1,300 sanitation workers — nearly all were African American — went on strike demanding their basic rights to organize a union, to gain a living wage and to receive the respect and dignity due all working men and women. During the strike Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. came to Memphis to support the workers but was tragically assassinated.
On this day, Withers took this photo that has lived on in American pop culture.

The LuLac Edition #3742, March 28th, 2018


Our “Write On Wednesday” logo.


 Rick Santorum (Photo: AP)
Two days in a row we highlight the comments of former Senator Rick Santorum who made a bonehead statement on the march on Washington by young students. I wonder if Santorum was around in the 50s and 60s during the Civil Rights era he might have suggested that people of color brush up on their domestic skills and not being so damn active. But I digress. Better writers than I took Santorum to task yesterday in the Times Tribune and Citizen’s Voice. Here is their take on Santorum, the oh so Christian politician.


A day after more than 1 million people across the United States, led by high school students, demonstrated against gun violence, former U.S. Sen. Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania helpfully demonstrated what they’re up against.
“How about kids instead of looking to someone else to solve their problem, do something about maybe taking CPR classes or trying to deal with situations that when there is a violent shooter, that you can actually respond to that,” Santorum said.
Thus Santorum carries water with the gun lobby. The NRA, supported by the gun industry, wants to normalize ownership of even military-style semiautomatic weapons. The objective is not to stop the proliferation and use of such weapons, but to use gun violence as an incubator for even more gun ownership. Shooting at school? Arm the teacher. Wounded students? Learn combat-level triage.
And, according to the former lawmaker, “phony gun laws don’t solve these problems.”
Perhaps so. But real gun laws work. Massachusetts, for example, has the nation’s toughest law for securing guns in homes. There, the suicide rate among young people is 38 percent below the national average. Those youth who commit suicide use guns in 9 percent of those tragedies. The national average is 42 percent.
And globally, no other advanced country has gun deaths and death rates anywhere near that of the United States, and they all have stricter controls. Apparently, their laws aren’t “phony.”
Santorum’s response was shameful but illustrative of the problem.

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

The LuLac Edition #3741, March 27th, 2018

Former Senator Rick Santorum (Photo: LuLac archives)
Our two term former Senator Rick Santorum made news this past Sunday. Santorum who ran for President in both 2012 and 2016 suggested that students concerned about gun violence in their schools should learn how to revive wounded people. Santorum said they should do this instead of asking lawmakers to solve their problems. Oh my God, let me swing at this one.
1. Kids are not medical professionals. CPR and first aid are one thing but helping wounded individuals? Is he serious?
2. The second part is quite stunning from a veteran of Congress. Asking lawmakers to solve problems of social ills is what a lawmaker, office holder is supposed to do! THAT’S THE JOB! Until of course the impotent Republican Congress has done little to solve any problems of the middle class. The pissed off Trump supporters of ’16 included.
The CNN Host did say that the students did take action by organizing the march. But Santorum said that they didn’t take action to say how, as individuals, dealing with the issue. asking to themselves, "What am I going to do to actually help respond to a shooter?”
Respond to a shooter? THAT’S NOT THEIR JOB SENATOR! They live with trying to figure it out everyday they enter a school building.
Santorum dismissed that point.
“They took action to ask someone to pass a law. They didn’t take action to say how do I, as an individual, deal with this problem? How am I going to do something about stopping bullying within my own community? What am I going to do to actually help respond to a shooter?” he said.
Fellow CNN panel member Van Jones, who briefly served as an environmental aide under former President Barack Obama, objected to Santorum’s idea.
“I’ve got a kid who’s going to be in high school next year and I want him focused on algebra and other stuff. If his main way to survive high school is learning CPR so when his friends get shot, that to me, we’ve gone too far,” he said on the same show. (LuLac, CNN)

Scott Wagner (Photo: Wagner-Bartson campaign).
The Scott Wagner campaign keeps steaming along and Wagner himself wants to be the State Debate Champion of Gubernatorial politics. Continuing to build on his commitment to taking his message to Pennsylvanians all across the Commonwealth, 2018 gubernatorial candidate Scott Wagner today finalized his debate / forum schedule for the primary election. By agreeing to attend four more debates / forums, Wagner will have participated in a total of 12 by May 15. No Republican gubernatorial nominee in modern history has done more debates / forums.
Wagner’s remaining debate / forum schedule is as follows:
1. Pennsylvania Leadership Conference Forum: April 6, 2018
2. Associated Builders and Contractors Forum: April 16, 2018
3. ABC27 / LNP Debate: April 25, 2018
4. WGAL Debate: May 4, 2018
The ABC27/LNP and WGAL debates will both be aired by affiliates across the Commonwealth. After completing the remaining three debates / forums, Wagner will have participated in events that have aired in each media market in Pennsylvania. Additionally, many of the debates / forums during the primary so far were broadcasted statewide on PCN.
Wagner has previously participated in the following debates / forums:
1. Montgomery County Republican Committee Forum - October 19, 2017.
2. Blair County Republican Committee Forum - January 4, 2018.
3. Carnegie Mellon University Debate - January 20, 2018.
4. Marcellus Shale Coalition Forum - January 24, 2018.
5. CBS21/PennLive Debate - March 1, 2018.
6. WHP Radio Debate - March 5, 2018.
7. Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce Debate - March 6, 2018.
8. Venango County Republican Committee Forum - March 24, 2018.

Monday, March 26, 2018

The LuLac Edition #3740, March 26th, 2018


Our “Maybe I’m Amazed” logo.

MAYBE I’M AMAZED……that the people who say a public option would not work for America health care, who say it will be socialized medicine, a majority of the people that say that are on MEDICARE. Sitting fat and happy, spouting support for a President and party who never was for them and telling us how much America has slipped! LMAO @ them!
MAYBE I’M AMAZED……that the NCAA makes billions from their deal with CBS as well as Turner Broadcasting. The coaches make millions to guide the players. Oh the players, they get zip.
MAYBE I’M AMAZED…..that the latest legal casualty of Donald Trump’s legal team is John Dowd. Dowd was the one who pretty much nailed Pete Rose back in the late 80s. He is a lawyer’s lawyer and it appears that he was trying to make a bit more sense than this President would allow. Dowd called for the Meuller investigation to be over but he also was very apprehensive of Trump testifying before the investigating body of the Special Counsel. 

MAYBE I’M AMAZED.that in this gubernatorial election year, Tom Wolf is not running away from Barack Obama. Talk about energizing an already energized base.Wolf is confident that Trump's scant victory happened from a bunch of ingrates in Luzerne County that put this President in office. He's betting, and I think it's a safe bet, that Pennsylvania won't love Trump's party in 2018 and that '16 proved to be a one off. 
MAYBE I’M AMAZED….that as this Trump Presidency continues, the news cycle reminds me of 1968. That was the iconic year that just seemed to be a revolving door of news stories. Just like the Trump era. But in 1968 the news cycle was controlled by events featuring various personalities. Unlike the barrage of news stories just centering on one man.
MAYBE I’M AMAZED…..that I truly love those 10 for $10 deals that local Supermarkets have on items. And you get gas for it too. Won’t see deals like that in Russia!
MAYBE I’M AMAZED…..that there is a condition called Cheerophobia which is the fear of happiness. One of several reasons why cherophobia may develop is the belief that when one becomes happy, a negative event will soon occur that will taint that happiness, as if punishing that individual for satisfaction. Valid thought. Ray Conniff and his singers had a theory in song about that too. 

MAYBE I’M AMAZED……that most women have said in a pop culture interviews that if they could look like one person other than themselves, it would be Kate Middleton. I bet if the same question was asked 25 years ago, the answer might have been Princess Diana.
MAYBE I’M AMAZED….that fires spread uphill faster than downhill. 
MAYBE I'M AMAZED....that fifty years after its debut as a News Magazine, "60 Minutes" still is relevant and a "go to" show in news and American pop culture. Witness the Stormy Daniels interview yesterday. 
MAYBE I'M AMAZED....that the city of Houston is bigger than the cities of Baltimore, Detroit, Chicago and Philadelphia combined.

Sunday, March 25, 2018

The LuLac Edition #3739, March 25th, 2018

Trump and Steph (Photo:
For those of us of a certain age, we certainly remember the late Casey Kasem's American Top 40. As a matter of fact, that program lives on every Sunday on the GEM radio station emanating out of Tunkhannock. When Kasem was counting down the top 40, sometimes he'd slip in a long distance dedication. We parody that today.
Hi everybody, this is Hasey Hasem, we’ll get back to the countdown but first our long distance dedication. It’s from David in Florida to Stephanie.
Dear Stephanie:
Sorry this didn’t end the way I thought it would. There was the baby, the wife and now this President thing. Honestly I didn’t think I’d win, all I wanted was a hotel on Red Square/.
But hey, don’t worry about that interview =with Anderson Cooper (who by the way is a mannequin and not a real person) tomorrow. Just remember it will be fake because I will say it will be fake. And for some reason there are crazy bastards in this country that believe my shit. I have no idea why, I guess it’s a gift! But hey enough about me.
So on 60 Minutes tomorrow, if you see Putin, (he hangs out there, tell him Gomer says “hey”, (yeah he gave me a nickname, that’s what best friends do) and give him my best.
In the meantime, I asked Hasey Hasem to play our song to remember all the mounds (and we’re not talking tasty coconut dark chocolate filled candy bars here if you get my drift) of fun, that never happened way back then…although I do have fond memories.
David Dennison
Maralago, by way of Washington, D.C.
Well, there ya have it folks, from old Double D himself to……………are they double d’s? We’ll find out tomorrow.
In the meantime, here’s their song on the Countdown.

Saturday, March 24, 2018

The LuLac Edition #3738, March 24th, 2018

(Photo: CNN)
The Student March on Washington was today and the students concerned about gun violence showed up. In droves. Thousands. From all across the country. Meanwhile, the big brave chest thumping President and his impotent REPUBLICAN minions got out of town. The gun loving, NRA ass kissers couldn’t stand to face the kids who are more than all right.
Here’s the thing on these students. They will not be satisfied with half measures. They want it all in terms of changes in the usage of guns in this country. When they vote, and by the sounds of it I think they will, it will not be good for Trump and his little toy, cowardly soldiers.


9th Congressional candidate Dan Meuser is running an intriguing ad on the radio.  The former Secretary of Revenue and one time candidate in the 10th says he will be President Trump’s best cheerleaders in Congress. Now that’s not a half bad strategy for Luzerne County that gave Trump the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.
But his line about sanctuary cities just does not jive with the district completely. There are those, many retirees who have no jobs to lose who think that immigration is going to be the death knell of the country. But sanctuary cities? That’s clearly for the big donors in the Republican party as well as the Trump devotees.
However there is no reason to believe any burg in the 9th is going to declare themselves a sanctuary city!


Scott Wagner, Laura Ellsworth and Paul Mango earlier this year at a debate. (Photo: Chris Knight, AP)
The real reason, in my opinion why Donald Trump never released his tax returns is because I believe his in cash poor. I also think that there would be information on his dubious ties to other financial entities. So I get why he wouldn’t do it.
But like most thins Trump has done, by breaking precedent, he created new ones. His refusal to release his tax returns has now emboldened others to do so. Just take a look at the three top, (well one top, the other two viable) candidates running for the GOP gubernatorial nomination. Now Scott Wagner Paul Mango and Laura Ellsworth have refused to do so too. In a state where Trump won barely, is it a good idea to emulate him in that way?

Congressman Matt Cartwright (Photo: LuLac archives, C-Span)
Matt Cartwright’s team spent the last few weeks barnstorming Northeast Pennsylvania. By meeting with people all across Lackawanna, Wayne, Pike, Luzerne, and Monroe counties it appears the 6 year Congressman is getting on the May primary ballot with 4,395 total, more than four times the number needed.
Cartwright will now b running in the 8th District.


Oh if only Donald Trump had watched a few episodes of the West Wing then he might just understand how to staff a White House. I thought of that when I saw this ad that brings together the actors of that iconic political show on NBC.
The cast highlights their passion for the very right to vote,. They also point out how the Republican party has done their best to make voting difficult. Here is the video:


Reverend O'Neal Dozier who has been a Republican for over thirty years now says he is done with them and also the man he supported, President Trump. Dozier said that he felt Trump was unfit for office. Take a look at this:


Keep in mind these legislators who are blocking Property Tax Reform. Senator Blake, John Gordner, Rep. Ed Pashinski. Mike Carroll do not support HB/SB 76 Lets get involved and put the pressure on them to support 76. This is it if you don't take action then you deserve the government you got.
Sen. Blake #570-207-2881 Sen. Gordner #570-784-3464 Rep. Pashinski #570-826-5436 Rep. Carroll #570--655-4883

Thursday, March 22, 2018

The Lulac Edition #3737, March 22nd, 2018


Sally Yates at American Library Association meeting Wednesday. (Photo: Mrs. LuLac) 
Pam Sandlian-Smith, association president, interviews Yates at the Conference opening yesterday. (Photo: Mrs. LuLac)

Thousands braved a winter storm in Philadelphia yesterday to hear former acting Attorney 
General Sally Yates give a talk to the  Pennsylvania Library Association. The body is holding its annual meeting in the city of Brotherly Love and Yates spoke about her 3 decade long tenure in the Justice Department.
Yates said that when she first started at Justice, she was going to be there for just a short time. But after being in that department, she soon learned that there were many professionals in that area that sought justice. And only justice.
Yates spoke of the last ten days of her career at Justice and discussed the Travel ban haphazardly put in place by the President. The news on the first travel ban was sent out by the White House after 5pm on a Friday afternoon just 7 days into his administration. The lawyers for the government were expected to argue its merits in court the next day. Usually there is case law and precedents to consider. In her mind, she felt that the bans would not stand up to scrutiny which they did not. She said many at Justice were heartened by the flooding of concerned citizens at airports the next day to point out that many people were on their way to America and had no idea what awaited them.
Yates said that the Justice Department lawyers aren’t in their jobs like attorneys in private practice. A defense lawyer argues his client’s case. A corporate Attorney takes the side of the company paying the firm. But lawyers in the Justice Department are out for one thing and one thing only, the truth, with Justice being the final goal.
Yates was asked how her Thanksgiving was in2017 following her dismissal and she said her family avoids talking politics. She added that her family has always been supportive of her work in government.
Yates told the assembled multitude that Librarians are the Guardians of truth in a post truth world. In her speech and interview afterwards, Yates never mentioned the name of the last President she served under.


Republicans lost their latest desperate attempt to block Pennsylvania’s new, fair maps when the U.S. Supreme Court rejected their efforts.
Now, with nowhere left to fight in the courts, they're launching another last-ditch effort to rig the system.
This week, Republicans introduced legislation to IMPEACH Pennsylvania State Supreme Court justices who struck down their gerrymandered map.
So what’s next, are they going to go after the United States Supreme Court?
What kind of idiots think that by impeaching Judges in our state, after the Supreme Court of the freaking United States upheld their decision is going to fly?
This is the reason why the overpaid, over fed, full of crap State Legislature is one of the least respected bodies in this country. 
In the meantime, the statewide Republicans do what they do best when they don't get their way! Our apologies to baby infants and twins everywhere.

Summer Zervos, Karen McDougal and Stormy McDaniels (Photo: NBC)
A Judge ruled Tuesday that former “Apprentice” contestant, Summer Zervos' defamation lawsuit against President Trump may proceed. This might allow her lawyers to begin collecting evidence to support her claim that he forcibly kissed and groped her years ago.
When it rains, it pours yellow legal pads because Summer’s news came on the same day a former Playboy playmate, Karen McDougal, sued the publisher of the National Enquirer for the right to break her silence about the 10-month affair she says she had with Trump more than a decade ago. 
These women want to talk and act. This only aggravates Trump’s ability to be taken seriously not only as a President, but as a human being. This adds more concerns for the embattled President who also faces scrutiny over his involvement with adult film actress Stormy Daniels whose interview is set for “60 Minutes” on Sunday.


The alleged poisoning Grandma suspect Helen Galli is still in the news. This week she reached an accord with prosecutors that stopped another trial of this tawdry incident. She pleaded “no contest”, that will result in her serving the next nine months on house arrest.
Now 86, Galli was accused of spiking a glass of berry-flavored Juicy Juice with antifreeze in it 8 years ago (c’mon man not even Welch’s!!!!) and slipping a mickey to Dawn Simyan. The unsuspecting Dawn was the then-girlfriend of Galli’s son. The girlfriend became very ill over a few months. The motive? Galli’s son had reached a settlement with the gas drillers and Galli wanted to hold on to her son and apparently the money
At her first trial, Galli was convicted of aggravated assault and sentenced to serve up to 12 years in prison. She was granted a new trial new because her lawyer back then failed to seek exclusion of a key hearsay statement .
This incident prompted one of the Topic A classics that are still in the vault. A LuLac rewind if you will, with the late L.A. Tarone as we discussed the case back then when it was in a pre-trial phase. (LuLac, LuLac archives, Citizen's Voice).




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The severed head of Oliver Cromwell, Lord Protector of the Commonwealth of England, Scotland and Ireland from 1653 to 1658, was reburied in an undisclosed location at Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge after 300 years. Cromwell's body had been unearthed after his death in 1659, with the head displayed on a spike and the rest of the corpse dumped in the sea. After being passed among several owners, the head had been kept by several generations of a family since the early 1880s….in Pennsylvania as the Pittsburgh Pirates break camp in hopes of doing just a tad better than their season in 1959 when the Bucs were 78-76…in Wilkes Barre night classes at both King’s and Wilkes maintain their popularity as enrollment increases among the adult population and fifty years ago the number one song in LuLac land and America was “Where Or When” by Dion and The Belmonts.