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 Stormy and Mikey. (Photos: AP)

Prosecutors say Michael Avenatti illegally pocketed $300,000 from Stormy Daniels' book advance. TheAy allege that he forged Daniels' signature and lied to her about where the money was going. Avenatti's fraud trial kicked off this week and he faces up to 22 years in prisAon if convicted.

Michael Avenatti stole $300,000 from the adult film actress Stephanie Clifford, known as Stormy Daniels, while representing her, prosecutors allege. Avenatti has been charged with wire fraud and aggravated identity theft, and his trial began on Monday. During opening arguments, federal prosecutors said Avenatti pocketed $300,000 out of Daniels' $800,000 book advance by forging her signature on a letter to the book's publisher.

"Adult film actresses and paranormal investigators can be victims of fraud and identity theft too, just like anybody else," Assistant US Attorney Andrew Rohrbach said. He also said Avenatti was in "desperate" need of cash when he stole part of Daniels' book advance. Rohrbach said that in addition to sending the unauthorized letter with Daniels' forged signature, Avenatti directed her agent to send money to his own bank account and lied to Daniels about where the money was. "He told her that the publisher was being slow," Rohrbach said. "He told her the publisher was working on it. But the whole time he had the money and he was spending it."

Avenatti's lawyers pushed back, claiming Daniels, who plans to testify against her former lawyer at his trial, is unreliable and lacks credibility.  The bottom line here is that Avenatti’s lawyers are of course blaming the women. With bank trails and receipts this will be hard for the disgraced and one time talked about Presidential candidate to dispute. (Business Insider, LuLac)




Wisconsin Republicans just passed a spate of gun rights measures that include lowering the state's concealed carry age requirement from 21 to 18, effectively allowing high school students to carry firearms on school grounds. The decision was approved by the state assembly last Thursday as part of an ongoing Second Amendment push by the lower chamber's GOP majority.

"If you're old enough to fight for your country, [if] you're old enough to sign contracts, if you're old enough to decide who the president of the United States is, we think you're old enough to be responsible with your rights and to be able to protect yourself," Republican Rep. Shae Sortwell of Gibson, the bill's chief sponsor, said last week.  Guns are typically banned on school property in Wisconsin, but according to The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, one of the measures would do away with this convention. The bills would also allow Wisconsinites with concealed carry licenses to bring firearms into churches as well as permit out-of-staters with a concealed carry license to bring to the Badger state.

Really? This one time progressive state has grown regressive. (Salon, LuLac)



Joe Manchin (Photo: LuLac archives)

Sen. Joe Manchin reportedly remains displeased with the White House's handling of his opposition to President Joe Biden's social-spending and climate plan, The Washington Post reported. Manchin blames Ron Klain, the White House chief of staff, for the struggles between Washington's two Joes.

"Manchin has told allies that he believes Klain has pushed Biden to embrace a more liberal policy agenda, adding that Klain must repair the relationship with him if the chief of staff is to be involved in future negotiations," The Post wrote in an in-depth review of Klain's first year in the White House.

Manchin previously vented that he was at his "wit's end" with Biden's staff, a frustration he mentioned when he told Fox News in December that he could not support Biden's sweeping Build Back Better Plan. Steve Clemons, a close Manchin confidant, later wrote that the senator was particularly upset over a White House statement that singled him out after an earlier setback in negotiations over Biden's plan. With Democrats clutching to razor-thin majorities, Manchin's relationship with the White House is of the utmost importance to Biden's agenda.

"Given the protests that Manchin's family has experienced at his home, which is a boat in Washington Harbor — with folks harassing him, his wife and grandson by kayak around his boat and the gate to the marina — I knew this presidential statement was personalizing the game. It put his family at risk, in my view," Clemons wrote in The Hill. (AP)



Congressman Matt Cartwright (Photo: LuLac archives)

U.S. Representative Matt Cartwright  announced $11,941,411.95 in Provider Relief Fund (PRF) Phase 4 payments allocated to the Eighth Congressional District. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), through the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA), will be distributing the funds to 139 providers in Northeastern Pennsylvania.

“We have depended on strained health care systems and exhausted health care workers for the entirety of the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Rep. Cartwright. “All the while, health care providers have served their communities bravely, sometimes in overwhelming and dangerous situations. This round of funding provides some relief to those who are on the frontlines fighting this virus as we continue to depend on them to keep our loved ones safe and healthy.”

The Provider Relief Fund (PRF) was created by the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act, which Cartwright helped enact to reimburse health care providers for health care-related expenses or lost revenues attributable to COVID-19.

The PRF Phase 4 payments will be used to recruit and retain staff, purchase masks and other supplies, modernize facilities or implement other measures needed to respond to COVID-19. Provider Relief Fund Phase 4 payments are awarded based on changes in operating revenues and expenses from July 1, 2020 to March 31, 2021.

Check out this link to see exactly where the money is going to in the box underneath the story.



Senator Bob Casey (Photo: LuLac archives)

U.S. Senator Bob Casey announced $11.176 in infrastructure investments for the Wyoming Valley Levee project. Through the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the funding will be used for completion of all mitigation work associated with the authorized flood risk management project for the communities of Plymouth, Kingston-Edwardsville, Swoyersville-Forty Fort, Hanover, Exeter and Wilkes-Barre.

“The Wyoming Valley Levee protects communities across Northeastern Pennsylvania from flood risk,” said Senator Casey. “Additionally, the area around the levee is used by residents for fishing, as well as biking and walking trails. I’m proud to announce this funding and I will keep fighting for infrastructure investments in Pennsylvania



Josh Shapiro (Photo: LuLac archives)

, Attorney General Josh Shapiro unveiled his ten-point plan to defend democracy, ensure access to the ballot box, and improve elections as the next Governor of Pennsylvania. The systematic attempt to destabilize American democracy following the 2020 election failed because a handful of state and local officials upheld their oaths to the Constitution – underscoring the critical importance of good governance at the state level.

In the lead up to and following the 2020 election, Josh was one of those officials – defeating the former president’s attempts to restrict the right to vote and overturn the election in court, ensuring that every legal vote was counted, and standing up to dangerous lies and sham “audits” pushed by Republicans in Harrisburg. Throughout 2021, Josh has continued to loudly call out efforts to destabilize democracy, and he’s gone to court repeatedly to defend Pennsylvania elections and the right to vote.

In conjunction with the announcement of Josh’s plan, his campaign released a new digital ad highlighting his role in defending democracy over the past two years. Click here to watch the video.

“The attacks on our democracy didn’t stop after January 6th – anti-democratic partisans continue to peddle lies and attack our institutions solely for political gain. Far-right extremists are hellbent on undermining our elections and attacking the Constitution, so it’s on all of us to do our patriotic duty and defend American democracy,” said Attorney General Josh Shapiro. “If we want to grow our economy, improve our schools, or make our communities safer, then we need a stable foundation of our democracy. As Attorney General, I spoke truth to their lies and went to court to protect Pennsylvanians’ rights; as Governor, I will continue to ensure voting security, protect every citizen’s right to vote, and make sure every legal vote is counted in every election.”

Josh’s record of defending the Constitution and plan to defend democracy stands in stark contrast to the Republican field, which remains beholden to the far-right and dangerous conspiracy theories that threaten our system of government. The main candidates in the Republican primary for Governor still refuse to admit that Joe Biden is the legitimate winner of the 2020 election despite two legal, bipartisan reviews and no evidence of widespread voter fraud. Republican candidates continue to lie to Pennsylvanians, falsely claiming “dead people have been voting […] for a long time,” and pursuing a sham “audit” that would jeopardize Pennsylvanians’ private information – one candidate even attended the insurrection and breached police lines to walk with now-convicted criminals.  

The next Governor will play a critical role defending Pennsylvania democracy – heading in 2022, the Legislature is considering 30 bills restricting access to voting, according to the Brennan Center. Josh Shapiro has stood up to those lies and defeated Republican attacks in court before, and as Governor, he will never back down in the fight to defend American democracy.



Governor Tom Wolf (Photo: LuLac archives)

Governor Tom Wolf today announced funding for environmental restoration projects focused on economic development or community revitalization at abandoned mine land (AML) locations across Pennsylvania. This year, $25 million will be made available for reclamation projects with economic development components.

“These newly approved projects will bring economic opportunity and activity to Pennsylvania, and eliminate dangerous environmental scars left over from Pennsylvania’s mining history,” said Gov. Wolf. “Removing the dangerous hazards from these sites also removes barriers to productive use. These sites will become hiking trails, farm fields, and solar farms – a new future for sites still marred from past use.”

The 2020 Abandoned Mine Land Economic Revitalization (AMLER) Program (formerly known as the AML Pilot Program) will provide an additional $25 million of U.S. Treasury funds for Pennsylvania’s AML program. First authorized by Congress under the Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2020 (Public Law 116-94) the funds are to be used “to accelerate the remediation of AML sites with economic and community development end uses.” This is the fifth year Pennsylvania has received funding from the AMLER Program.

Department of Environmental Protection Secretary Patrick McDonnell was joined by Department of Interior Secretary Deb Haaland to announce the investment at an abandoned mine in Luzerne County today.

“This program demonstrates that investments in environmental cleanup can have strong economic benefits to communities, creating new opportunities for recreation, land reuse, and clean energy development,” said McDonnell. “There has been $130 million invested into projects like these in partnership with local governments, other state agencies and private companies and these investments are paying dividends for the communities and environment of Pennsylvania.”

The Federal Office of Surface Mine Reclamation and Enforcement (OSMRE) recently approved the following projects in Luzerne County:

Luzerne County:

Mocanaqua AML Recreation Access

Reclamation of a 165 linear foot dangerous highwall, a one-acre spoil area, several mining pits, industrial/residential waste, and ten mine openings to eliminate the health and safety hazards.  The reclaimed areas will be repurposed for public parking areas to accommodate at least 30 cars for visitors of the state forest and game lands and gravel resurfacing improvements of an existing 2,400 linear foot access road will be performed along with the installation of historic information kiosks.  The primary project partners are the PA-DCNR, the Pennsylvania Game Commission, and Earth Conservancy.

Audenried Coal to Solar – Phase 1

Reclamation of 185 acres of AML comprised of mine refuse, mining pits, multiple hazardous abandoned mine structures, and approximately 2.5 million yards of mine spoil to eliminate the health and safety hazards. The reclaimed area will be repurposed by Teichos Energy, LLC. to accommodate construction of their first of two phases of a utility scale solar photovoltaic facility.  A future, Phase 2 project is planned to reclaim similar AML features covering an additional 125 acres and restoration of stream segments of Hunky Dory Creek. Once the second phase is completed, Teichos Energy estimates that the facility will support 150-300 fulltime jobs directly related to the solar construction and 6-8 permanent jobs related to facility operations and maintenance of the solar panels. The primary project partners are Teichos Energy, LLC, and the property owner of the AML site.

D&L Trail Wilkes-Barre Mountain – Phase 2

Reclamation of a nearby abandoned mine opening through installing a bat friendly gate and backfilling pits situated immediately adjacent to the D&L Trail by utilizing onsite and borrowed material will eliminate the health and safety hazards. A 2.3-mile trail will be constructed and traverse through the Pinchot State Forest along an abandoned railroad bed and would begin where the existing Wilkes-Barre Mountain Section (Phase 1) trail ends about one mile from the PA-DCNR’s Seven Tubs Recreation Area and would end near Laurel Run Park on East Northampton Street, Wilkes-Barre. The primary project partners are North Branch Land Trust and the PA-DCNR.




Brian Williams (Photo: MSNBC)

Kyle Koster from The Big Lead reports that Brian Williams is an in-demand free agent after a six-year run at MSNBC in which he paid penance for his previous journalistic sins and piloted the successful 11th Hour. His sober signoff from the program in December, capping three decades at NBC News, suggests he believes speaking objective truth is imperative in a world where it's in short supply  A second act will not be taking place at CBS News, though, as CNN's Oliver Darcy reports the longtime anchor turned down an offer to host the evening news.

 According to the sources I spoke with, CBS News president and co-head Neeraj Khemlani recently tried to recruit Williams for the network's flagship evening news program. Two of the sources I spoke with said that Khemlani, who assumed his role less than a year ago and has been working to poach talent, tried at least twice. But it was to no avail.

Williams, the people I spoke to said, simply isn't interested in the evening news job -- which says a lot about not only Williams' turn-of-fortune, but also the diminishing allure of anchoring a nightly broadcast news program, once considered to be one of the most prestigious positions in journalism.

The program, currently helmed by Norah O'Donnell, has been stuck in third place for a few years. Williams was behind the desk for NBC Nightly News from 2004-2015 and would seem like an ideal candidate to inject new life and star power into the time slot.

But the lack of mutual interest mirrors what feels kind of obvious to the casual observer. The national nightly news is aging and fading at a remarkable rate. This used to be The Job. ABC News won the ratings war last year but still saw a double-digit drop in viewership. Barring some unforeseen swing of the pendulum, it's hard to imagine an increase in the space's cultural capital. The masses simply do not want down-the-middle, straightforward news as much as they want opinions. It would be great if this weren't the case and the country would be in a far better position, but reality is reality.

At MSNBC, Williams was afforded the opportunity to opine and contextualize. His program was never hyperbolic or hyper-partisan as he retained a lot of the sensibilities from his run on the flagship NBC. Finding another platform that allows him to do that would be mutually beneficial. (The Big Lead)



Troy Aikman is leaving Fox NFL Football next season. He will join the Thursday night football crew on Amazon TV.  



The late afternoon Buffoon on WILK Radio was yammering on about Mitch McConnell saying if the GOP won the Senate, they'd impeach Joe Biden. He then stated that of course he'd agree with that because of Biden's criminal behavior at the border. He then stated that if someone  he knew died of  a drug overdose,  he'd blame Biden because of border policy. So this turncoat former defeated legislator will blame the President for one overdose death but let slide his lord and savior Diaper Don for EVERYTHING he did to muck up the country. 

Then the radio neanderthals weighed in by becoming air-wave lawyers  and that a class action suit should be filed against the administration. The afternoon buffoon then proceeded to lump in Iranian person in with the south of the border crowd genuflecting before the shrine of Trump jazzing his radio flock up by insinuating that the "border" was filled with all bad people and should be shut down. Fentanyl doesn't just come in from one border but why get in the way of facts when you can use hyperbolic fast talk to hide your obvious racism.

I lasted 2 minutes listening to this crap. When I got back in the car he had a guy named Mark on who said the borders must be protected and the virus came from China. The afternoon buffoon became a bobbing head not pushing back on this numbskull's statement.  

When Earl Warren was Chief Justice of the Supreme Court there were "Impeach Earl Warren" bumper stickers because people disagreed with the Supreme Court's policies that were mostly on upholding racial equality. The stickers were taken pretty lightly because people respected the institution and rule of law. But today,  a radio host like the afternoon buffoon must be called out for inciting his dumb ass listeners. We are an UN-Christian people masquerading as patriots and "Christians" Maybe the afternoon buffoon should temper his words and use some logic. 

But if he does want President Biden impeached, and says it often enough, he'll get Kamala Harris as our President. So maybe the afternoon buffoon has a strategy after all. Does he unconsciously have the hots for the Vice President? Worse yet, does his listeners realize his Machiavellian plan? 

Nah, I'm just trying to nice giving them more credit and time than they deserve in their hateful playpen of grievance and ignorance. All brought to you by and encouraged by the afternoon buffoon's tacit agreement.






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